Eli gets ready to play in Peyton's home

As much as Eli Manning will be able to consult his brother, Peyton Manning, about playing at Lucas Oil Stadium and the sound cadence there, he's not sure that the Colts quarterback will be able to help him out.

"I don't think he's ever been the away team in his home stadium," Eli Manning said.

That's certainly true. As Manning prepares for his second Super Bowl, once again as the road team, it's all business for the Pro Bowler, which includes gauging the noise at the stadium and how it will affect the teams.

"You're always interested in how the crowd noise will be, whether you need to use silent cadence or regular cadence but we'll probably practice both those and the good thing about having two weeks, you have a lot of things to work on," Manning said.

Preparation wise, Manning said that he expects to have pretty much all of the game plan in by the end of the week, although it allows time for changes to be made leading up to the game. He said next week's practices will be review and allow for an extra week of emphasis.

Having played the Patriots already, Manning will be able to take certain things from that game, but knows that he will be seeing a different team. His offense will benefit from having Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw available, as they did not play against the Patriots in the first game.

Manning completed 20-of-39 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns and one interception in the Giants' 24-20 win over the Patriots in November.

"I think we'll obviously look hard at the first game and knowing coach (Bill) Belichick and their staff they'll have a new game plan, they'll have some new wrinkles in there, so we got to give credit to them, they're a great staff and great coaches so they'll be well prepared," Manning said. "Just watching one of their games on Sunday it seems like they have changed up a little bit. When we played them last time there was a lot of four down scheme, now they seem to be going more 3-4, even though its similar, kind of same players in there, just a matter of how they line up."

Going against New England quarterback Tom Brady for a second time in the Super Bowl and having the chance to beat him again could be seen to some as a chance to define his legacy, but Manning didn't want to look at the game in that light.

"This is a big game for the Giants organization. This is a big game for every single player playing in this game. It's no bigger for me, coach (Tom) Coughlin, than it is for JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) or Justin Tuck or any other person playing this game," Manning said. " I think you approach it that way. You want to be as prepared as possible, you hope you go in there and play your best football that you've ever played, that's always your goal, but ultimately you have a game plan, you try to go execute it and whatever type of game it turns into, a lot of touchdowns or whatever circumstances, you play those circumstances and try to put your team in a position to win."