Jacksonville's Garrard injured

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard knew about the Giants ability to pressure opposing QBs, but his offensive line had managed to keep him fairly insulated, until the second-to-last play of the game.

Garrard went down on his arm and got a facemask full of turf, and when he got up he knew it wasn’t all right.

“I came down on my hand I don’t know exactly what happened but I rolled on it,” Garrard said.

After the game he stood at his locker. The results of X Rays weren’t yet available, but Garrard said he couldn’t really move his left hand, which was swollen into a fist. He said he didn’t think anything was broken.

“Probably just a sprain,” he said. “It’s pretty swollen I can’t really move it too much I don’t really think any bones are broken but we’ll see what the X Rays say.”

The Jaguars had game-planned for the Giants, who have taken five other starting quarterbacks during games this season, including the Cowboys’ Tony Romo. Garrard said the plan was solid.

“Just getting the ball out of my hands fast,” Garrard said. “My O line did a great job, they kept them off me for most of the day and for a defensive line like that that brings it as well as they do, I take my hat off to my o line.”

But especially in the second half, Garrard said the blitzes and pressure that the Giants brought began to be more effective.

“They did a good job they continued to bring the pressure,” Garrard said. They continued to get their pass rushers up the field we were in that position where you don’t want to be where you’re relying on throwing it every time.”

Garrard was originally drafted by Tom Coughlin in 2002 when Coughlin was with the Jaguars. In fact, Garrard sent his old coach a Happy Thanksgiving text earlier this week. The QB said Coughlin told him he never got the text. When a reporter joked that Coughlin might not be that advanced technologically, Garrard laughed and said he gets invitations each year via text to Coughlin’s golf tournament.