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Giants preview: Make-or-break stretch

August, 27, 2014
Aug 27
The New York Giants play all three of their division road games in a four-week stretch on the schedule from Sept. 25 to Oct. 19. They're at Washington, home vs. Atlanta, at Philadelphia and at Dallas, which leads right into their Week 8 bye. Because what ensues is a Colts/Seahawks/49ers meat grinder, it's crucial for the Giants to play well on the road against their division opponents before the bye if they want to avoid getting buried in the standings for the second season in a row.

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants' pick of Syracuse defensive tackle Jay Bromley in the third round felt weird even to Bromley, who was pulling a "Gravity" DVD out of a Redbox machine at his local grocery store when he got the call.

"Honestly, I didn't expect a call at all tonight," said a giddy Bromley, who grew up a Giants fan and played college football with two of the players the Giants drafted last year.

So why, then, did the Giants spend the No. 74 pick in the draft on a guy who was mainly projected to go somewhere between the fourth and sixth rounds? Well, he was a team captain at Syracuse. Second-round pick Weston Richburg was a team captain at Colorado State. First-round selection Odell Beckham Jr. was a team leader at LSU.

"We like captains," Giants general manager Jerry Reese said. "Most of these kids are developmental, let's face it. But in this day and age, there aren't a lot of guys you can let sit around and redshirt. These guys, we think they're more mature, and that's attractive for us."

The point is that the Giants, even after the biggest free-agent spree any team went on this offseason, entered this draft with so many needs that they can't afford to draft guys who aren't going to perform right away. And they have decided that the smartest way to speed up the learning curve of their early picks was to seek and draft smart, mature, high-character guys who might not need as much hand-holding as some of their more raw recent early-round picks. (Think: Wilson, David, 2012.)

It's a plan. And it appears to be a well-thought-out one by a team that's admitting to itself that the amount of work it has to do to repair all of its holes is more than will fit into a single offseason. The Giants had a lot to say about the many reasons they liked Beckham and Richburg. And they had a few about Bromley, too. But by the time they were explaining Bromley, the real outline of their 2014 draft plan had come into focus.

"These guys are high-character team captains, hard workers, smart, competitive guys with no issues whatsoever," vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross said. "All three of these guys, we felt, were at the very highest in terms of character."

In the past, the Giants might have used second-round and third-round picks on projects with question marks and upside. Their roster had more depth and they could afford to do that. They can't anymore, so it appears they decided to prioritize present-day makeup, maybe even at the expense of high-ceiling talent. The end result was that they targeted certain specific players and picked them whether they represented value at the pick or not.

"We just sat where we were and made good picks, I think," Reese said.

The final grade on this draft will depend on the extent to which he's right.
Taking a break from shoveling and thinking it probably doesn't look like this right now in New Orleans or Miami or any of those places where they're supposed to have the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is scheduled for 11 days from now in East Rutherford, N.J., and as Jane McManus writes, if the weather that day is like the weather was Tuesday, the NFL would be having discussions about postponing the game.

An admittedly bitter Justin Tuck joked about that late in the season, saying that since the Giants couldn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, his hope was that it would snow every day in February and they would end up never playing the game. Tuck's a funny guy, and those of us who cover the team would miss him if he were gone. He's a free agent, and I wrote this Tuesday about what it might take to bring him back.

Victor Cruz says he's excited about what new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo might bring if it means scoring points the way the Packers do.

And the Buccaneers hired Cardinals VP of Player Personnel Jason Licht as their new GM, which means they won't be hiring Marc Ross, who runs the Giants' scouting department and was a candidate for that GM job in Tampa.
Marc Ross, who is the New York Giants' VP of Player Evaluation, in charge of their drafts and the top lieutenant to GM Jerry Reese, is reportedly being sought by teams in Florida as a GM candidate. The Buccaneers and the Dolphins have both reached out to ask permission to interview Ross for their GM vacancies, according to reports.

Remains to be seen, of course, whether he gets offered the jobs or whether he'd take one if offered. The Dolphins' GM job comes with a fair amount of backroom politics these days. But Ross always seems to be a name that comes up, and there aren't many of these jobs in the world, so if things move along, Reese could be looking for someone new to run the Giants' draft.

That may not, quite honestly, be a bad thing for the organization. Nothing against Ross in particular, but owner John Mara made it clear in his postseason news conference that he's not happy with the way recent drafts have worked out for the Giants. They've taken some chances on some guys in the middle rounds who haven't developed, and it's left their roster thin in key spots. Whether Ross stays or leaves, there are likely to be some changes in the Giants' personnel department this offseason, and the team is likely to examine potentially different ways of evaluating players.

In case you missed it Wednesday night, there's also a new name in the mix for offensive coordinator, as Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo is set to interview for that job Saturday. He'd fit the description of someone with a fresh voice and new ideas, as opposed to a former Giants offensive assistant like Mike Sullivan. We talked Wednesday on NFL Insiders about whether Eli Manning would respond well to a new system at this late stage of his career, and Chris Mortensen and I agreed that he likely would be energized by it. Interesting to see which direction the Giants go with this, and how much they plan to change their offensive system for 2014 and beyond.

Ross pulls out of Jets' GM consideration

January, 16, 2013
Marc Ross isn't going anywhere after all.

A source confirmed Ross pulled out of consideration for the Jets' general manager opening, as first reported by the New York Post. Ross, the Giants' director of college scouting, interviewed with the Jets, Panthers, Chargers and Jaguars. Only the Jets have yet to fill their GM vacancy.

Jerry Reese did lose his pro personnel guru, Dave Gettleman, who left to become Carolina's GM. That will impact free agency for the Giants.

But the Giants general manager keeps Ross, the man who helps run his drafts.

Jets granted permission to interview Ross

December, 31, 2012
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants have granted the New York Jets permission to talk to Marc Ross.

Ross, the team's director of college scouting, is a hot name for potential general manager openings around the league. ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reported last week that Ross will be a leading candidate for Carolina's GM opening.

The Jets fired Mike Tannenbaum on Monday morning and a source confirmed that the Jets reached out to the Giants for permission to talk to Ross, which was first reported by NFL Network.

Ross has been instrumental in the Giants' draft process, helping draft the likes of Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (2010 first round), wide receivers Hakeem Nicks (2009 first round) and Mario Manningham (2008 third round) and linebacker Jacquian Williams (2011 sixth round) among others.

"Everything I see from people like yourselves says that Marc's the hot prospect," Reese said. "We’ll see. Marc has done a terrific job for us. If he ends up going somewhere else, it will be a loss for us, but we’ll be happy for him if that’s the way it goes down."

Sources: Panthers interested in Marc Ross

December, 23, 2012
Marc Ross, the Giants' director of college scouting, has emerged as a leading candidate to become the Carolina Panthers' next general manager, league sources told ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Ross has been an integral part of the Giants' success in the draft under general manager Jerry Reese. Reese's old boss, former Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi, is aiding the Panthers' search for a new general manager.

Ross has developed an excellent reputation around the league and and the feeling is his time as a general manager is coming. According to Schefter, another general manager candidate for Carolina is expected to be Raiders player personnel director Joey Clinkscales, who spent years with the Jets before joining Oakland last year.

NFL rules prohibit the Panthers from asking teams for permission to interview candidates until after the season. But Schefter reports Ross will be near the top of the Panthers' wish list, if not at the top of it. The league has taken notice of how the Giants scout and operate after winning two Super Bowls in five seasons.