Don Bosco's running game making a statement

Don Bosco has a roster filled with defensive studs, but it was their running backs, senior John Wilkins and sophomore Jabrill Peppers, that put on a show in their home opener on Saturday as the pair combined for four touchdowns and 183 yards rushing.

The crazy thing about their performance was that Elijah Shumate, who was relatively quiet before a last minute touchdown run, barely factored in the game but is typically a big part of their offense.

“They call us the three-headed monster,” Peppers explained. “Wilkins wears you down and then I come in and they are like, 'now I have to chase this guy around?' We didn't really utilize Shumate too much today because we want to keep him as our secret weapon.”

It was indeed that combination of power and speed that was especially effective against Mission Viejo. When they needed somebody to power through Viejo’s defensive line, Wilkins took the lead to power through. When it looked like Viejo became tired, Bosco sent in Peppers who made his opponents look like they were wearing cement shoes.

“When I got tired (Peppers) came in, when he needed a blow, I got in,” Wilkins said. “We just started off well and fed off each other. We are in great shape and nobody can contain us. I am more of a power guy, he's a little bit more speed. It just works out.”

In total Wilkins got most of the carries, 22, and rushed for 126 yards and two touchdowns. Peppers carried the ball just seven times, but made the most of it for 57 yards and two touchdowns. Shumate got just one carry, but it was an 11-yard touchdown run that put the finishing touches on a 35-7 victory over Mission Viejo.