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Baseball poll: June 11

June, 12, 2012
The baseball season is over. Grand Street Campus claimed the PSAL title, while Iona Prep won the CHSAA championship. Here's the final poll of the season.

Here's the poll:

1. Grand Street Campus (21-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus vanquished George Washington to take home the Public Schools Athletic League title.

2. Poly Prep (20-4/Last week: 2): Poly Prep finishes the year ranked second, another fine season for the school.

3. Iona Prep (18-6/Last week: 4): Iona Prep defeated Fordham Prep to win the CHSAA title.

4. George Washington (19-3/Last week: 3): George Washington could not repeat as champions as it fell to Grand Street Campus in the final.

5. Fordham Prep (16-9/Last week: 5): Fordham Prep beat St. Joseph, but then lost to Iona Prep in the final.

6. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (17-6/Last week: 6): St. Joseph by-the-Sea lost to Fordham Prep, falling one game short of the CHSAA final.

7. Xaverian (19-3/Last week: 7): Xaverian was the favorite of the CHSAA tournament but instead had to watch as Iona Prep was crowned champions.

8. Tottenville (17-4/Last week: 8): Tottenville had a great year, but surely has to think it should have gone further in the PSAL tournament.

9. Cardozo (18-1/Last week: 9): Cardozo also had a fantastic season, but needed to make it further than the semifinals of the PSAL tournament.

10. St. Raymond (14-7/Last week: 10): St. Raymond had a strong season, although it couldn't keep up its hot play once the CHSAA tournament began.

Baseball poll: June 4

June, 7, 2012
It's been a crazy week in the playoffs. Defending CHSAA champion Xaverian was ousted, as well as Cardozo, the top seed in the PSAL playoffs. The champions will be crowned Friday. Here's this week's poll, which has plenty of changes.

Here's the poll:

1. Grand Street Campus (20-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus swept Telecommunications to set up the final vs. George Washington.

2. Poly Prep (20-4/Last week: 4): Poly Prep is the ACIS champion after it defeating Fieldson in the title game more than a week ago.

3. George Washington (19-2/Last week: 7): Not that you would expect differently, but the defending PSAL champs are back in the finals.

4. Iona Prep (17-6/Last week: Unranked): Iona Prep won five straight games in the CHSAA tournament and is in the final.

5. Fordham Prep (15-8/Last week: Unranked): Fordham Prep will face St. Joseph by-the-Sea with the winner going to the CHSAA final.

6. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (17-5/Last week: 10): St. Joseph by-the-Sea will meet Fordham Prep to determine who faces Iona for the title.

7. Xaverian (19-3/Last week: 2): Xaverian lost to Fordham and then was ousted by Molloy in the CHSAA tournament.

8. Tottenville (17-4/Last week: 3): Tottenville fell in the quarterfinals to John Adams, which had to leave a bitter taste in its mouth.

9. Cardozo (18-1/Last week: 5): Cardozo fell victim to eighth-seeded Telecommunications in the quarterfinals.

10. St. Raymond (14-7/Last week: 8): Losses to Iona Prep and St. Joseph by-the-Sea eliminated St. Raymond from the CHSAA tournament.

Baseball poll: May 28

May, 30, 2012
The playoffs have begun and it's time for teams to fight for their seasons. Poly Prep has claimed a title and others are looking to do the same. Here's the poll.

Here's the poll:

1. Grand Street Campus (17-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus is into the quarterfinals after defeating Environmental Studies and Taft.

2. Xaverian (18-1/Last week: 2): Xaverian earned the top seed in the CHSAA tournament after it defeated St. Raymond Sunday.

3. Tottenville (17-3/Last week: 3): Tottenville breezed by RKA and Manhattan Center to advance to the quarterfinals.

4. Poly Prep (20-4/Last week: 4): Poly Prep is the ACIS champion after it defeating Fieldson in the title game last week.

5. Cardozo (18-0/Last week: 5): Cardozo is also in the quarterfinals after a pair of wins against Newtown and Murry Bergtraum.

6. George Washington (16-2/Last week: 7): Not that you would expect differently, but the defending PSAL champs are back in the quarterfinals.

7. Norman Thomas (16-2/Last week: 9): Norman Thomas will meet George Washington in the quarters after wins over LIC and James Madison.

8. St. Raymond (13-5/Last week: 10): St. Raymond is the No. 2 seed in the CHSAA tournament after falling to Xavieran in the battle for the top seed.

9. Moore Catholic (13-3/Last week: 6): Moore Catholic is the No. 3 seed in the CHSAA tournament after an impressive win against Fordham Prep.

10. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (12-3/Last week: 3): St. Joseph by-the-Sea takes on Monsignor Farrell in the CHSAA Tournament.

Baseball poll: May 21

May, 21, 2012
As the playoffs beckon, we have the same two teams in the top two spots. Grand Street Campus is still No. 1, while Xaverian is holding down No. 2.

Here's the poll:

1. Grand Street Campus (15-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus enters the Public Schools Athletic League Class A tournament as the team to beat.

2. Xaverian (14-1/Last week: 2): Xaverian rebounded from its loss against St. Francis Prep with two league wins and a non-conference victory over Tottenville.

3. Tottenville (15-3/Last week: 4): Had it not been for the forfeited victories, Tottenville would have finished this year undefeated in league play.

4. Poly Prep (19-4/Last week: 5): Poly Prep is in the ACIS final and recovered nicely from losing to Tottenville last weekend.

5. Cardozo (16-0/Last week: 6): Cardozo finished the year undefeated in league play and will try to keep it going into the playoffs.

6. Moore Catholic (12-2/Last week: 8): Moore Catholic moves up two spots after a pair of impressive wins over St. Joseph by-the-Sea.

7. George Washington (14-2/Last week: 7): George Washington lost its season finale to Norman Thomas, sending the Trojans into the playoffs on a sour note.

8. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (13-3/Last week: 3): St. Joseph by-the-Sea takes a slide after losing twice to Moore Catholic over the past week.

9. Norman Thomas (14-2/Last week: Unranked): Norman Thomas is back in the poll after beating George Washington to force a tie atop the division.

10. St. Raymond (12-4/Last week: 9): St. Raymond lost a tough one to Xavier, but is able to stay in the poll for at least another week.

Baseball poll: May 7

May, 7, 2012
Grand Street Campus continues its reign with a 2-0 week. The same 10 teams from last week remain in the poll, with Fordham Prep slipping after a loss to All Hallows. Here's the poll.

1. Grand Street Campus (10-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus went 2-0 this week with wins over FDR and New Utrecht.

2. Xaverian (10-0/Last week: 2): Xaverian picked up nice wins against St. Edmund Prep and Bishop Ford this week.

3. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (7-0/Last week: 3): St. Joseph by-the-Sea defeating Archbishop Stepinac in its lone game this week.

4. Poly Prep (12-3/Last week: 4): Poly Prep has now won nine in a row after it took down Collegiate, Horace Mann and Xavier this week.

5. Cardozo (11-0/Last week: 6): Cardozo moves up one spot after its 2-0 week with wins over Newtown and Franklin K. Lane.

6. George Washington (11-1/Last week: 7): George Washington went 3-0 with wins over Environmental Studies, Graphic Communications and W. 50th St.

7. Tottenville (10-3/Last week: 7): Tottenville defeated New Dorp twice and then took down Curtis to remain at the top of Staten Island A.

8. Fordham Prep (8-1/Last week: 5): Fordham Prep takes a hit in the poll as it lost its first game of the season to All Hallows.

9. James Monroe (9-0/Last week: 9): James Monroe is now 11-0 in league play after a pair of wins this past week.

10. Moore Catholic (7-1/Last week: 10): Moore Catholic went 2-0 with wins over St. Peter's and Cardinal Hayes.

Baseball poll: April 30

April, 30, 2012
Finally, a team stays atop the poll. Grand Street Campus did not lose this week and therefore remains the No. 1 team in New York City. Here's this week's poll.

1. Grand Street Campus (8-1/Last week: 1): Grand Street Campus went 3-0 this week with wins over Lincoln, Lafayette and Telecommunications.

2. Xaverian (8-0/Last week: 2): Xaverian had a quality win against Molloy and stays undefeated in the CHSAA.

3. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (6-0/Last week: 3): St. Joseph by-the-Sea defeated Spellman and Monsignor Farrell twice to improve to 6-0 on the year.

4. Poly Prep (9-3/Last week: 4): Poly Prep has now won six in a row after it defeated Fieldston this weekend to get to 9-3.

5. Fordham Prep (8-0/Last week: 8): Fordham Prep continues its hot start to the season and rises three spots after a big win against a tough St. Raymond team on Sunday.

6. Cardozo (9-0/Last week: 6): Wins over Long Island City and John Adams keeps Cardozo undefeated in Queens A East play.

7. George Washington (8-1/Last week: 5): George Washington falls two spots in the poll after losing to Manhattan Center this past week.

8. Tottenville (7-3/Last week: 7): Tottenville would be undefeated in league play had it not been for those forfeited wins to start the year.

9. James Monroe (9-0/Last week: Unranked): James Monroe returns to the poll as it is 9-0 in Bronx A West play this season.

10. Moore Catholic (5-1/Last week: Unranked): Moore Catholic makes its debut in the poll, having only lost to St. Joseph this season.

Baseball poll: April 23

April, 23, 2012
It's starting to seem like basketball season around here. For the third straight week, there's a new team atop this poll after Poly Prep defeated George Washington in a non-league game. Here's this week's rankings.

1. Grand Street Campus (5-1/Last week: 2): Grand Street Campus swept its league games this week against EBC/Bushwick Campus ans has three games this week.

2. Xaverian (5-0/Last week: 3): Xaverian had quality wins against St. Francis Prep and McClancy this past week as it shows it might be the team to beat in the CHSAA.

3. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (3-0/Last week: 4: St. Joseph by-the-Sea continues its ascension after defeating Moore Catholic and St. Peter's this past week.

4. Poly Prep (7-3/Last week: 6): Poly Prep won four straight games after losing two straight, including an impressive win against George Washington Saturday in a non-league game.

5. George Washington (6-0/Last week: 1): The Trojans continue to win its league games but have fell to Poly Prep and Cardozo in non-league games on the year.

6. Cardozo (7-0/Last week: 5): Cardozo is also undefeated in league play after defeating Forest Hills twice and William Bryant in Queens A East action this past week.

7. Tottenville (4-3/Last week: 8): Tottenville is above .500 in league play now after wins against Susan Wagner and Petrides this past week.

8. Fordham Prep (3-0/Last week: 10): Fordham Prep started the season off on a right foot with a big against Iona Prep, as well as beating Mount and Stepinac.

9. Norman Thomas (7-0/Last week: Unranked): Norman Thomas makes its first appearance in the poll as it off to a 7-0 start in Manhattan A East this year.

10. Cardinal Spellman (4-1/Last week: Unranked): Cardinal Spellman is also making its debut in the poll after racking up wins against Monsignor Farrell, Iona Prep and others.

Baseball poll: April 16

April, 16, 2012
An exciting week that saw the conclusion of the James Monroe and George Washington tournaments also saw our top team in New York City lose back-to-back games. With those results on our minds, here's our poll.

1. George Washington (3-0/Last week: 3): The Trojans are in first after winning their tournament by defeating Cardozo, who had previously knocked them off.

2. Grand Street Campus (3-1/Last week: 6): Grand Street Campus won the vaunted James Monroe tournament by defeating the Monroe, Tottenville and Xaverian.

3. Xaverian (3-0/Last week: 5): Xaverian picked up a win against Holy Cross in league play and lost in the Monroe Tournament final to Grand Street Campus.

4. St. Joseph by-the-Sea (1-0/Last week: Unranked): St. Joseph by-the-Sea knocked off Iona Prep in league pay and then took down Poly Prep to complete its week.

5. Cardozo (4-0/Last week: 2): Cardozo made it to the George Washington tournament final but fell to the hosts in a rematch.

6. Poly Prep (3-3/Last week: 1): A big drop for Poly Prep as it lost games to Fieldston and St. Joseph by-the-Sea this week to fall to .500.

7. Iona Prep (2-1/Last week: 4): The Gaels lost to St. Joseph in league play and Xaverian in the Monroe tournament, but did knock off Monsignor Farrell.

8. Tottenville (2-3/Last week: 7): Tottenville finished third in the Monroe tournament, losing to eventual champion Grand Street Campus in the semifinals.

9. James Monroe (4-0/Last week: 8): An unfavorable quarterfinal matchup against Grand Street Campus led to Monroe's early departure from its own tournament.

10. Fordham Prep (0-0/Last week: 10): We're still waiting for the Rams to play their first game of the season so we can see them in action.

Baseball rankings: April 9

April, 9, 2012
There have already been some great games to kick off the baseball season. We've seen some upsets in tournaments, including Cardozo knocking off George Washington, and there have been some other surprising results. Here's our first poll of the year.

1. Poly Prep (2-0): Poly Prep is off to a fast start this season and picked up a nice win in league play this week by defeating Riverdale.

2. Cardozo (4-0): Cardozo is undefeated in league play and knocked off George Washington in a tournament this week, sending a message that the Judges are going to be a tough out in the Public Schools Athletic League.

3. George Washington (3-0): The Trojans might have lost in their tournament but they are still a loaded team and are already off to a 3-0 start on the season in league play.

4. Iona Prep (1-0): The Gaels got their season going on the right foot when it knocked off CHSAA finalist All Hallows in their season opener last week.

5. Xaverian (2-0): The defending Catholic High Schools Athletic Association champion has beaten Bishop Ford and Christ the King in league play to start the season.

6. Grand Street Campus (3-1): Grand Street won both of its division games this week as well as going 2-0 in pool play during the Monroe Tournament.

7. Tottenville (4-1): The PSAL finalists lost their one game by forfeit but have won every other game and also have been 2-0 in pool play during the Monroe Tournament.

8. James Monroe (4-0): The Bronx power is off to yet another great start with an undefeated record in league play as well as going 2-0 in pool play in its tournament.

9. All Hallows (1-1): All Hallows started the season with a dominant win against Hayes but then fell just short against Iona Prep in a battle between two of the better teams in the league.

10. Fordham Prep (0-0): Fordham Prep gets the final spot in the poll based on its reputation coming into the year as it has not played a league contest yet.

PSAL boys Class AA quarterfinals recap

March, 4, 2012
The PSAL has its final four set after Boys & Girls, Lincoln, Wings Academy and Thomas Jefferson each won in the quarterfinals. You can read more about Boys' win here, but here are the highlights from the other three games at St. John's.

Lincoln 60, Curtis 57: Lincoln thought it had an easy task taking on Curtis, but the game instead came down to the final possession as the third-seeded Railsplitters barely pulled off a 60-57 victory against sixth-seeded Curtis to advance to the semifinals against Boys & Girls.

“I think we were at least 15 points better than them,” Lincoln’s head coach Dwayne “Tiny” Morton said. “Obviously we weren’t. We were lucky, that last shot could easily have gone in or we could have been called for a foul.”

Morton once again singled out his star sophomore Isaiah Whitehead as a big reason for why his team underachieved. Whitehead, who led his team with 19 points, played in just his third game since returning from an ankle injury that kept him out for two weeks.

“No, I don't think he played really well,” Morton said. “He did some things he used to do, but he wasn't playing 100 percent in this game. He is much better than that. He didn't really push by anybody because his ankle is not there and you can tell.

“I don't think it's a physical thing, I think it's a mental thing. He's probably going to need two months off to get his ankle together.”

Wings 56, Cardozo 46: Fourth-seeded Wings played a shutdown defense that held fifth-seeded Cardozo to just four points in the first and third quarters on its way to an eventual 56-46 victory.

Wings coach Billy Turnage said after the game that he loves the way his team played defense, but he would like to see them turn more of its stops into points.

“We've been playing solid defense," Turnage said. "We have to reward ourselves for getting stops. We have the tendency to let up and give up too many offensive rebounds when we get stops though.”

Marvillo Berroa led Wings with 20 points and said he dedicated the game to his mother and sisters who encouraged him to turn his season around after a slow start.

Jefferson 80, Wadleigh 61: Jefferson carried a slim 35-34 into the half before exploding in the third quarter on its way to an eventual win. Thaddeus Hall led all with 25 points and string of three’s in the third quarter sparked the breakout.

“That's what Thaddeus has done since he's been back,” Jefferson coach Bud Pollard said. “I think Son Son (Jaquan Lynch) has been our MVP for the year because he carried us when Thaddeus wasn't here. But now he's back and he's going to carry us to a championship and he's been doing just that. He's making plays and showing us that he's a big leader.”

Also making a big contribution was Jalen Evans, whose father had a run-in with coach Pollard a couple weeks back when Jefferson faced St. Anthony’s. Evans had 17 points.

“I thought the story today was JJ Evans,” Pollard said. “He came off the bench and dominated the game. I just wish his father was here because last time he tried to slug me, today he could have hugged me. I'm going to call him up and say, 'give me a hug because last time you had a slug.'”

Jefferson will take on Wings Academy next week and according to Hall, the game should be easy.

“Wings, that's easy," he said. "I don't think Wings can deal with us. I just know for a fact that that's an easy game. They don't have any heart.”

Borough finals recaps

February, 11, 2012
While Jefferson vs. Boys & Girls headlined the borough finals, three other champions were crowned on Saturday. Here are the recaps from the other games that decided the Public Schools Athletic League borough champions.

BRONX FINAL: JFK 59, Wings Academy 54: The last time these two teams met, it was Wings’ Justin Jenkins who put the final dagger in JFK with a buzzer-beater three-point shot. This time, Wings took its shot a little too soon as there was 12.8 second left on the clock after Marvilio Berroa put his team on top, 54-53.

On the next play, Muhammed Admed drove the lane and got the go-ahead layup with just 1.8 seconds left that put JFK up, 55-54, on its way to an eventual 59-54 victory to take the Bronx borough title Saturday at York College in Queens.

“I kind of had a flashback to the last game when he hit that shot because that's what caused us the loss,” Ahmed said. “I told everybody to keep their heads up, the game was not over. This time we played through it.”

JFK is hoping that this victory will propel it to success as the last time it won the borough title was the same year it went all the way to the championship game at Madison Square Garden.

Bashir Admed led JFK with 13 points and his brother, Muhammed, had eight. David Hardy had 11. Jenkins had a game-high 19 points for Wings and Jaequan Brown had 11.

MANHATTAN FINAL: Wadleigh 75, Manhattan Center 60: With Manhattan Center missing a few players who were at a senior trip, Wadleigh easily handled it, winning 75-60 to take its sixth consecutive Manhattan Borough Title.

Wadleigh coach Michael Crump was upset that Manhattan Center didn’t field an entire team and also said he’s not content winning more Manhattan titles.

“That game unsharpened our pencil,” Crump said. “We had Kennedy, we went to Wings, we've been on a high note and then we go see them, a depleted team that we already beat, and our guys didn't even want to play.”

On the Manhattan title, Crump said: “It's gotten to the point where we don't keep track of it. We have to worry about the city championship. We’ve got to get out of the quarter finals. We've never been to the final four.”

Freshman Llunga Kadisha got a chance to showcase his skills, as he led his team with 22 points. Kenneth Thomas had 16, and Stephen Turner and Basil Harley each had 12. Manhattan Center’s Khalil Hamer led the game with 26 points.

QUEENS FINAL: Cardozo 69, LIC 58: Cardozo faced off against one of the biggest surprises in the borough finals and almost let a 15-point lead evaporate before getting pulling together a 69-58 victory.

Unlike Crump, Cardozo’s head coach Ron Naclerio refuses to take this title for granted despite winning many of them, including three in a row. His team underwent a tough transition this season when it lost star Jermaine Lawrence, who transferred midseason.

“Do we really get the applause for running Queens? People think its accepted, but I know how hard it is,” Naclerio said. “It's great for the kids because a lot of the kids heard in school, ‘we're not going to be this or not going to be that without Jermaine.’

“When they walk into school Monday they know that they are the Queens champs.”

Tajay Henry led Cardozo with 21 points and Kyle Credle had 10 big points. When Cardozo’s lead shrunk to four, Credle picked his game up, scoring seven points in a one-minute span that put distance between Cardozo and LIC.

LIC’s Sadji Camara and Arthur Santana each had 17 points and Kevin Green Jr. had 13.

PSAL borough playoffs preview

February, 8, 2012
The Public Schools Athletic League borough playoffs begin on Tuesday in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. The quarterfinals are Tuesday, the semifinals are on Thursday and the finals are on Saturday. Here are the brackets for each of the respective boroughs.


No. 1 Thomas Jefferson vs. No. 8 Lafayette
No. 2 Lincoln vs. No. 7 Global & International Studies
No. 3 Boys & Girls vs. No. 6 Bedford Academy
No. 4 South Shore vs. No. 5 Brooklyn Collegiate


No. 1 Wings Academy vs. No. 8 Stevenson
No. 2 JFK vs. No. 7 Dewitt Clinton
No. 3 Eagle Academy vs. No. 6 Evander Childs
No. 4 Lehman vs. No. 5 Mott Haven


No. 1 Bayside vs. No. 8 John Adams
No. 2 Cardozo vs. No. 7 HS for Construction
No. 3 Campus Magnet vs. No. 6 Springfield Gardens
No. 4 Beach Channel/Channel View vs. No. 5 LIC


No. 1 Wadleigh vs. No. 8 Elanor Roosevelt
No. 2 Manhattan Center vs. No. 7 Health Professions
No. 3 Hunter College vs. No. 6 Stuyvesant
No. 4 Graphic Communication vs. No. 5 Norman Thomas

BEST BOROUGH: BROOKLYN: There are five ranked teams from the PSAL this season. Four of them reside in Brooklyn, including the top team in the city, Thomas Jefferson, and two other top four teams in Lincoln and Boys & Girls. The semifinals could potentially be the Class AA tournament semifinals and that tells you just how strong this bracket is.

WORST BOROUGH: MANHATTAN: There's really only solid team in the borough and that's Wadleigh. The rest of the teams are not up to the caliber of Wadleigh and it should roll relatively easily through the bracket. There isn't really any intriguing matchup and there are only two teams from the AA in the bracket. It's just not as exciting as others.

INTRIGUING BOROUGH: QUEENS: Cardozo is the class of Queens but is not as powerful as it has been in the past. It's the No. 2 seed behind Bayside and will potentially have to beat Campus Magnet, a team that already beat it earlier this year, in the semifinals to reach the final. It seems that each year it's which team will face Cardozo in the final but this year Cardozo enters as a possible underdog.

THE 'CAN ANYONE BEAT WINGS' BOROUGH: THE BRONX: Wings Academy is undefeated in league play and is the only team in the PSAL do to that. Wings is the cream of the crop in the Bronx and it's going to be interesting to see if any team in the division can give them a game in the final. The two top contenders, JFK and Eagle Academy, will meet in the semifinals, meaning Wings will only have to go through one of them if it wants to defend its title.

THE BEST POSSIBLE FINAL: Boys & Girls vs. Jefferson: No offense to Lincoln, but without star Isaiah Whitehead, it's not at full strength and that takes away from the intrigue. Boys & Girls and Jefferson are both healthy and have had two games that came down to the final minute, including last week's overtime win for Jefferson. If these two teams make it, it would steal the show and potentially determine who will be the top seed for the AA Tournament.

THE PICKS: Boys & Girls over Jefferson; Bayside over Cardozo; Wings over Eagle Academy; Wadleigh over MCSM.

SNY Invitational preview

January, 26, 2012
WHO: SNY Invitational

FEATURING: No. 4 Thomas Jefferson, No. 8 St. Raymond, Cardozo and St. Anthony (NJ)

WHEN: Friday and Saturday

WHERE: The WRAC (LIU Brooklyn campus)

GAMES: Friday: St. Ray's/Dozo (6 p.m.); Jefferson/St. Anthony (8 p.m.); Saturday: Consolation (2 p.m.); Championship (4 p.m.)

WHY THESE GAMES ARE IMPORTANT: Four of the top teams in the Metropolitan area meet in a televised tournament. New York City powers St. Raymond's, Cardozo and Jefferson will compete as well as undefeated national power and reigning national champion, St. Anthony (N.J.).

Surprisingly, Jefferson enters as the top-ranked team of the New York City group, coming off one of the most impressive wins in New York City this year when it defeated Lincoln last time out. St. Raymond's just snapped a three-game losing streak and Cardozo, while still formidable, just lost its best player in Jermaine Lawrence as he transferred from the Queens power.

The three of them will try to see if they can beat St. Anthony, which is ranked No. 4 in the country by ESPNHS. St. Anthony has a 46-game win streak heading into these pair of games.


St. Anthony senior forward Kyle Anderson
St. Raymond senior guard Daniel Dingle
Thomas Jefferson senior guard Thaddeus Hall
Cardozo senior forward Ryan Yearwood


St. Anthony: Bob Hurley
St. Raymond: Oliver Antigua
Thomas Jefferson: Lawrence "Bud" Pollard
Cardozo: Ron Naclerio


No. 8 St. Raymond (10-7)
Dec. 2: 75-52 win vs. All Hallows
Dec. 4: 67-45 win at St. Peter's
Dec. 9: 62-56 win vs. Stepinac
Dec. 11: 75-46 win vs. Farrell
Dec. 17: 73-70 win vs. Trinity (Ky.)
Dec. 19: 80-61 loss vs. Montverde (Fla.)
Dec. 20: 63-58 loss vs. Mater Dei (Calif.)
Dec. 21: 76-57 loss vs. Salesian (Calif.)
Dec. 27: 66-56 win vs. Middle Creek (N.C.)
Dec. 29: 60-56 win vs. Millbrook (N.C.)
Dec. 30: 75-63 loss vs. Garner (N.C.)
Jan. 5: 61-53 win at Fordham Prep
Jan. 7: 68-61 win vs. Paul VI (Va.)
Jan. 10: 66-62 loss at Mount St. Michael
Jan. 13: 69-64 loss vs. Cardinal Hayes
Jan. 17: 57-56 loss at Stepinac
Jan. 24: 64-49 win vs. Fordham Prep

No. 4 Jefferson (14-5)
Nov. 26: 72-67 win vs. Campus Magnet
Dec. 1: 77-57 win vs. Grady
Dec. 3: 92-81 loss vs. Christ the King
Dec. 6: 65-55 win at Robeson
Dec. 7: Win vs. team from Australia
Dec. 8: 76-73 win at South Shore
Dec. 13: 75-71 loss vs. Lincoln
Dec. 15: 71-63 win vs. Transit Tech
Dec. 16: 63-62 win vs. Boyd Anderson (Fla.)
Dec. 17: 53-44 win vs. Sagemont (Fla.)
Dec. 18: 75-60 loss vs. Coral Srpings Christian (Fla.)
Dec. 19: 54-46 loss vs. Aquinas (Fla.)
Dec. 23: 78-56 win vs. Westinghouse
Jan. 3: 86-84 loss at Boys & Girls
Jan. 5: 78-64 win at Grady
Jan. 10: 56-55 win vs. Robeson
Jan 12: 64-60 win vs. South Shore
Jan. 17: 82-77 win at Lincoln
Jan. 19: 73-51 win at Transit Tech

Cardozo (13-4)
Dec. 1: 72-49 win vs. Beach Channel/Channel View
Dec. 6: 94-38 win at Thomas Edison
Dec. 8: 76-41 win at Flushing
Dec. 13: 69-65 loss at Campus Magnet
Dec. 15: 62-59 win vs. Bayside
Dec. 20: 68-58 win at Forest Hills
Dec. 22: 94-55 win vs. Martin Van Buren
Jan. 1: 80-72 loss vs. Constitution (Pa.)
Jan. 3: 72-46 win vs. Grady
Jan. 5: 66-61 win at Martin Van Buren
Jan. 7: 66-52 win vs. George Westinghouse
Jan. 10: 66-48 win at Beach Channel/Channel View
Jan. 12: 89-47 win at Thomas Edison
Jan. 14: 80-76 loss vs. New London (Conn.)
Jan. 16: 58-49 loss vs. Mt. Vernon
Jan. 17: 88-50 win vs. Flushing
Jan. 19: 78-56 win vs. Campus Magnet

St. Anthony (13-0)
Dec. 16: 80-16 win vs. Emily Fisher Charter
Dec. 18: 53-33 win vs. Trenton Catholic
Dec. 20: 78-21 win vs. Newark Central
Dec. 22: 91-38 win vs. Morris Knolls
Dec. 28: 68-25 win vs. New Mission (Mass.)
Dec. 29: 57-35 win vs. Roman Catholic (Pa.)
Jan. 1: 51-50 win vs. St. Benedict's Prep
Jan. 4: 68-26 win vs. Mainland
Jan. 7: 77-28 win vs. Roselle Catholic
Jan. 8: 62-32 win at East Brunswick
Jan. 14: 61-21 win vs. St. Peter's Prep
Jan. 16: 60-48 win vs. Miller Grove (Ga.)
Jan. 24: 68-28 win vs. East Orange Campus

Fans kept away from Magnet-Dozo game

December, 14, 2011
In Tarik Raynor's four seasons playing for the Campus Magnet Bulldogs, he had never once beaten Cardozo, the team that has taken the Queens AA Division title every year since he started high school.

On Tuesday, Raynor hit a three-point shot in the final minute to put his team up on its way to an eventual 69-65 victory over Cardozo at home.

It was a thrilling game, at least it should have been. Instead, Raynor said it felt more like winning a scrimmage as the school’s last-minute decision to not allow spectators meant the two teams were forced to play in front of less than 40 people.

“In a home game, especially against Cardozo, everybody wants to play in front of their classmates,” Raynor said. “Having no spectators, it was a horrible experience, a horrible feeling because everybody was talking about going to the game.”

School officials didn’t respond to multiple phone calls for an explanation. Cardozo’s coach, Ron Naclerio, said that it was his understanding that the school acted to keep spectators out based on buzz that they heard over Facebook and Twitter that a ridiculously large crowd was expected to show up to the rivalry game.

“It was sad because it was a great game,” Naclerio said. “Nobody wants to play in a gym like that. I'm used to walking into Campus Magnet, seeing the large crowds, and getting booed. To walk in there and to see 22 people, it didn't have the same wow.”

The game was supposedly open to parents, but a member of Campus Magnet said that a few parents didn’t bother to show up as they expected to get turned away at the door. The school’s cheerleaders were not allowed in either and Cardozo even had trouble getting into the building and had to go to multiple entrances before finally being allowed in.

One coach said that he feared that college scouts that planned on attending the game were turned away and Naclerio mentioned that a move like this could potentially hurt Campus Magnet’s basketball program.

“Campus Magnet unfortunately doesn't have the greatest reputation as a school anyway,” Naclerio explained. “Now kids have to worry that fans are not going to be allowed at their games. It is a reason not to go there.”

Campus Magnet has a reputation for having a rowdy fan base and that is especially true for games against Cardozo, but nobody involved could think of a single incident that had ever occurred during or after games at the school. Most added that the rowdy crowds are part of the charm that comes with playing games at Campus Magnet.

Raynor said that at home the crowd can be a huge advantage, calling them, “the sixth man.”

The win was Campus Magnet's (7-2, 4-1 Queens AA) latest in a surprising season where they not only have beaten Cardozo, but another Queens stalwart in Bayside as well.

“We were mad, but we took it out on them,” Raynor said. “I wish my last home game against Cardozo didn’t go down this way, but a win is a win. I’m not complaining about that.”

Boys basketball poll: Dec. 12

December, 12, 2011
There's a new sheriff in town. After Boys & Girls went to Christ the King and knocked off the nationally ranked Royals, we had no choice but to put them as the top team in the city. Also, after an impressive start, Thomas Jefferson makes its way into the rankings.

1. Boys & Girls (5-0)/(LW: 3): Boys & Girls is top dogs after knocking off Christ the King and its strong start to begin the season. Leroy Fludd had 23 points against Christ the King.

2. St. Raymond's (4-0)/(LW: 2): The Ravens are now 4-0 after winning a tough road game against Stepinac and then easily defeating Monsignor Farrell.

3. Lincoln (4-0)/(LW: 4) Lincoln is 4-0 and has won the last two games without Isaiah Whitehead. His eligibility will be a big question moving forward.

4. Christ the King (1-1)/(LW: 1): Christ the King only drops a few spots since Boys & Girls is a very good team. The Royals didn't get much production beside Omar Calhoun in the second half of their loss.

5. Cardinal Hayes (4-0)/(LW: 6): Hayes continues to move up in the poll, this time after defeating Bishop Loughlin and then Long Island Lutheran this weekend.

6. Cardozo (3-0)/(LW: 7): Cardozo moves up one spot with South Shore's losses after it picked up win against Edison and Flushing. The Judges haven't really been challenged yet.

7. Thomas Jefferson (4-1)/(LW: unranked): Jefferson makes its first appearance in the poll after knocking off South Shore this week. It has a big game against Lincoln this week.

8. Xaverian (3-0)/(LW:8) Xaverian won two games this week against Holy Trinity and Bishop Ford to stay undefeated on the young season.

9. Curtis (6-0)/(LW: 9): Curtis continues its impressive start to the season, defeating Tottenville and St. Joseph by-the-Sea this week. The Warriors are for a serious threat in the PSAL this season.

10. South Shore (4-2)/(LW: 5): South Shore lost to Thomas Jefferson in an upset and then couldn't be Lincoln despite the Railsplitters not having Whitehead. Tough week for the Vikings.