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St. Anthony wins Tournament of Champions

March, 21, 2012
The titles keep coming for Bob Hurley and St. Anthony (N.J.).

The Friars finished off back-to-back undefeated season and won their second straight Tournament of Champions as they bested Plainfield, 66-62, Tuesday night at the Izod Center in East Rutherford. It's the school's 12th Tournament of Champions title in the 24 years of the tournament.

"Each year, you play with different ingredients, a different group of kids," said Hurley, the pioneer behind the team's success. "It's hard to stay atop the mountain. We had to beat some really good teams to get here."

With the win, the Friars also have now won 65 straight games over the past two seasons, including wins over all the New Jersey powers, as well as New York City's best like Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Boys & Girls and Mount Vernon. The Friars are ranked third in the country in the Powerade Fab 50 poll.

"We schedule teams to get better. The State championship is the goal, the wins are not something we're trying to do," Hurley said. "Those games are all good tests and helped us get there, but we weren't planning on it. It's amazing what they have accomplished and I'm very proud of the team."

Wednesday's game was tied at the half but St. Anthony (32-0) opened up an eight-point lead in the third and ballooned it up to 17 in the fourth quarter. Jerome Frink scored 26 points to lead St. Anthony while Tariq Carey had 18. UCLA-bound small forward Kyle Anderson, who never lost a game at St. Anthony, pitched in 14 points.

"You need good talent to have these runs and we've had good talent the last two years," Hurley said. "We have about two to three kids each class that gets a scholarships and these kids sacrifice their own statistics for balance. These kids play hard and they play good defense."

Rapid Reax: St. A's 71, Jefferson 60

February, 15, 2012
When it comes to technical fouls, Jefferson’s head coach Bud Pollard certainly gets his fair share, but usually they help fire up his team. Wednesday night against New Jersey powerhouse St. Anthony, his technical foul in the second quarter probably cost his team the game.

Jefferson was up 23-21 midway through the second quarter when an altercation erupted between Pollard and Jalen Evans’ father, Ken Evans, that stopped the game for about five minutes. As soon as the game resumed, St. Anthony started a 16-1 run that led to an easy second half and a 71-60 victory at Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.

The game was a battle between's top-ranked team and the No. 3 team in ESPNHS' Powerade Fab 50 poll and reigning mythical national champions in St. Anthony. St. Anthony has now won 54 games in a row.

“Bud gets a little too hyped,” Jefferson’s Jaquan Lynch said. “I think he needs some chill juice if they have something called that. We tried to forget about it, but it messed up our whole game after that. We just didn't have the same energy because we were worried about that.”

Pollard pulled Evans from the game after he missed a loose ball that the coach thought he should have had. Pollard let Evans know that he was upset over the play and his father took exception to the exchange, walked up behind him near the bench and got in Pollard's face, shouting expletives as the two nearly came to blows.

“Jalen's father thought he should get some more playing time,” Thaddeus Hall explained. “He's a good player, he just needs to be a little tougher. I thought he could have gotten that loose ball and coach kind of got on him a little for that, took him out of the game, and that's when his father got mad.”

STILL GOT LOVE FOR BUD: An altercation between a coach and player, in this case the player’s father, can kill the chemistry on a team, but Hall said after the game that it was just Bud being Bud and that there is no ill will between anyone.

“We support Bud and we support Jalen and his father too,” Hall said. “We're still a family, nobody is going to have hurt feelings. Nobody is going to dislike Jalen.”

While everyone is saying the right things, Pollard seems to think that success may be getting to his team’s head.

“When we were losing I never had to deal with this,” Pollard said. “Now that we're winning, I guess we have some kids excelling now and I guess everyone can't excel. We're having more problems now than we did when we were losing.”

LEARNING FROM A LOSS: This victory ended Jefferson’s 12-game winning streak, but headed into the PSAL city playoffs a lot of people thought that Jefferson (21-6) could definitely take away some positives from this game.

“My coach set these games up on purpose to see what our errors were before the city playoffs,” Lynch said. "We're going to use a lot of what happened here today in practice this week as we get ready.”

However, not everyone was happy to take the loss.

“Anybody can be beaten at any time,” Hall said. “They are just ranked higher on the internet. I don't play off of who is ranked where. It's a basketball game anybody can be beaten. I really felt like we could have beaten them today, but a lot of things went wrong.”

STATS: Hall and Jaquan Lynch each had 21. St. Anthony (21-0) had five players in double digits. Kyle Anderson quietly led his team with 13 points, Jerome Frink, Josh Brown, and Hallice Cooke each had 12 points, and Tariq Carey had 11.

UP NEXT: Jefferson will look to bounce back when it takes on Xaverian this weekend.
WHO: No. 1 Jefferson vs. St. Anthony (N.J.)

WHERE: Lincoln

WHEN: Wednesday, 5 p.m.

WHY THIS GAME IS IMPORTANT: A battle between the Garden State and the Empire State takes place at Lincoln on Wednesday. New York City's top team, Thomas Jefferson, will try to take down the third-ranked team in the nation and the defending national champion, St. Anthony (N.J.). This game had been scheduled for the SNY Invitational before it was canceled.

Jefferson perhaps has been the biggest surprise of the season, tabbed to be the fourth-best team in the Public Schools Athletic League Brooklyn division heading into the season. Instead, Jefferson outright won the division and then won the borough tournament, earning the Orange Wave the No. 1 seed for the Class AA Tournament.

St. Anthony is the defending mythical national champion and has yet to lose this season, including a thrilling win against Huntington Prep this weekend. This is the first of two games for St. Anthony against New York City opponents, as it will take on Lincoln on Feb. 21. It carried a 53-game win streak into Monday's game vs. Linden (N.J.).


Jefferson senior guard Thaddeus Hall
Jefferson junior guard Jaquan Lynch
Jefferson sophomore guard Patrick Brown St. Anthony senior forward Kyle Anderson
St. Anthony senior guard Tariq Carey
St. Anthony senior forward Jerome Brink


Jefferson: Lawrence "Bud" Pollard
St. Anthony: Bob Hurley


No. 1 Jefferson (21-5)
Nov. 26: 72-67 win vs. Campus Magnet
Dec. 1: 77-57 win vs. Grady
Dec. 3: 92-81 loss vs. Christ the King
Dec. 6: 65-55 win at Robeson
Dec. 7: Win vs. team from Australia
Dec. 8: 76-73 win at South Shore
Dec. 13: 75-71 loss vs. Lincoln
Dec. 15: 71-63 win vs. Transit Tech
Dec. 16: 63-62 win vs. Boyd Anderson (Fla.)
Dec. 17: 53-44 win vs. Sagemont (Fla.)
Dec. 18: 75-60 loss vs. Coral Srpings Christian (Fla.)
Dec. 19: 54-46 loss vs. Aquinas (Fla.)
Dec. 23: 78-56 win vs. Westinghouse
Jan. 3: 86-84 loss at Boys & Girls
Jan. 5: 78-64 win at Grady
Jan. 10: 56-55 win vs. Robeson
Jan 12: 64-60 win vs. South Shore
Jan. 17: 82-77 win at Lincoln
Jan. 19: 73-51 win at Transit Tech
Jan. 31: 95-92 win vs. Boys & Girls
Feb. 2: 63-53 win at George Westinghouse
Feb. 7: 103-83 win vs. Lafayette
Feb. 9: 52-50 win vs. South Shore
Feb. 11: 66-62 win vs. Boys & Girls

St. Anthony (20-0)
Dec. 16: 80-16 win vs. Emily Fisher Charter
Dec. 18: 53-33 win vs. Trenton Catholic
Dec. 20: 78-21 win vs. Newark Central
Dec. 22: 91-38 win vs. Morris Knolls
Dec. 28: 68-25 win vs. New Mission (Mass.)
Dec. 29: 57-35 win vs. Roman Catholic (Pa.)
Jan. 1: 51-50 win vs. St. Benedict's Prep
Jan. 4: 68-26 win vs. Mainland
Jan. 7: 77-28 win vs. Roselle Catholic
Jan. 8: 62-32 win at East Brunswick
Jan. 14: 61-21 win vs. St. Peter's Prep
Jan. 16: 60-48 win vs. Miller Grove (Ga.)
Jan. 24: 68-28 win vs. East Orange Campus
Jan. 30: 65-48 win vs. Newark Tech
Feb. 2: 71-31 win vs. Ridgewood
Feb. 4: 65-24 win vs. Life Center
Feb. 7: 43-31 win at Plainfield
Feb. 9: 59-37 win vs. Columbia
Feb. 11: 50-49 win vs. Huntington Prep (West Va.)

SNY Invitational canceled

January, 26, 2012
Just hours after it was announced that the SNY Invitational was moved from Long Island University in Brooklyn to St. Raymond in the Bronx, the tournament has been canceled altogether. It had been slated to feature St. Raymond, Cardozo, Thomas Jefferson and St. Anthony (N.J.).

This was supposed to be the fifth year of the tournament and the third year it was held at LIU, but it was canceled when the NCAA informed organizers just two days ago that a new rule prohibited them from holding the it on a Division-I court. After they scrambled to find a new venue, they settled on St. Raymond, but decided at the last minute to cancel the event because the high school wasn't large enough to accommodate such a large crowd.

"Shame on the NCAA," Cardozo's coach Ron Naclerio said. "This was a popular tournament that gave money to the kids and the schools that some desperately needed. It was also a great way to get a kid who might be a borderline scholarship player a chance to showcase his skills. Then say we can't hold it at LIU, for what? Because they think (St. Anthony forward) Kyle Anderson will go to there?"

The rules is designed to keep colleges from hosting similar tournaments in an effort to gain a recruiting advantage, but the coaches involved felt like SNY should have been grandfathered in or at least they should have been given more time to change the event's venue.

"LIU and SNY knew about the rule, but because (the tournament) was put in place before the rule was agreed to they assumed that they could go ahead with the event," Jefferson's coach Bud Pollard said. "I think the NCAA would have allowed it to, but once they started getting calls from other tournaments that have been canceled, I think that's what made them decide to shut it down."

Event organizers said they worked through the night as soon as they found out the news, but couldn't find another suitable venue in time. St. Ray's wouldn't have worked as the tournament drew crowds numbering into the thousands and after giving it some thought, organizers realized it wasn't going to be possible.

"I gave out 950 tickets the first day, 900 the next day," Naclerio said. "And that's just me, the other schools gave out a lot of tickets I'm sure and general fans and community centers that would have showed up too. It just wasn't going to work."

Instead, the event is dead this year as organizers say that it is impossible to reschedule it for a later date and have already begun to do the work that is needed to put the tournament together next year.

SNY is still giving each school the $5,000 they promised and are still giving out $50,000 in scholarships.

"There are no hard feelings for SNY, they have been nothing but fabulous during this entire thing," Pollard said. "If anybody's at fault it's the NCAA, who does more harm than good sometimes."

SNY Invitational preview

January, 26, 2012
WHO: SNY Invitational

FEATURING: No. 4 Thomas Jefferson, No. 8 St. Raymond, Cardozo and St. Anthony (NJ)

WHEN: Friday and Saturday

WHERE: The WRAC (LIU Brooklyn campus)

GAMES: Friday: St. Ray's/Dozo (6 p.m.); Jefferson/St. Anthony (8 p.m.); Saturday: Consolation (2 p.m.); Championship (4 p.m.)

WHY THESE GAMES ARE IMPORTANT: Four of the top teams in the Metropolitan area meet in a televised tournament. New York City powers St. Raymond's, Cardozo and Jefferson will compete as well as undefeated national power and reigning national champion, St. Anthony (N.J.).

Surprisingly, Jefferson enters as the top-ranked team of the New York City group, coming off one of the most impressive wins in New York City this year when it defeated Lincoln last time out. St. Raymond's just snapped a three-game losing streak and Cardozo, while still formidable, just lost its best player in Jermaine Lawrence as he transferred from the Queens power.

The three of them will try to see if they can beat St. Anthony, which is ranked No. 4 in the country by ESPNHS. St. Anthony has a 46-game win streak heading into these pair of games.


St. Anthony senior forward Kyle Anderson
St. Raymond senior guard Daniel Dingle
Thomas Jefferson senior guard Thaddeus Hall
Cardozo senior forward Ryan Yearwood


St. Anthony: Bob Hurley
St. Raymond: Oliver Antigua
Thomas Jefferson: Lawrence "Bud" Pollard
Cardozo: Ron Naclerio


No. 8 St. Raymond (10-7)
Dec. 2: 75-52 win vs. All Hallows
Dec. 4: 67-45 win at St. Peter's
Dec. 9: 62-56 win vs. Stepinac
Dec. 11: 75-46 win vs. Farrell
Dec. 17: 73-70 win vs. Trinity (Ky.)
Dec. 19: 80-61 loss vs. Montverde (Fla.)
Dec. 20: 63-58 loss vs. Mater Dei (Calif.)
Dec. 21: 76-57 loss vs. Salesian (Calif.)
Dec. 27: 66-56 win vs. Middle Creek (N.C.)
Dec. 29: 60-56 win vs. Millbrook (N.C.)
Dec. 30: 75-63 loss vs. Garner (N.C.)
Jan. 5: 61-53 win at Fordham Prep
Jan. 7: 68-61 win vs. Paul VI (Va.)
Jan. 10: 66-62 loss at Mount St. Michael
Jan. 13: 69-64 loss vs. Cardinal Hayes
Jan. 17: 57-56 loss at Stepinac
Jan. 24: 64-49 win vs. Fordham Prep

No. 4 Jefferson (14-5)
Nov. 26: 72-67 win vs. Campus Magnet
Dec. 1: 77-57 win vs. Grady
Dec. 3: 92-81 loss vs. Christ the King
Dec. 6: 65-55 win at Robeson
Dec. 7: Win vs. team from Australia
Dec. 8: 76-73 win at South Shore
Dec. 13: 75-71 loss vs. Lincoln
Dec. 15: 71-63 win vs. Transit Tech
Dec. 16: 63-62 win vs. Boyd Anderson (Fla.)
Dec. 17: 53-44 win vs. Sagemont (Fla.)
Dec. 18: 75-60 loss vs. Coral Srpings Christian (Fla.)
Dec. 19: 54-46 loss vs. Aquinas (Fla.)
Dec. 23: 78-56 win vs. Westinghouse
Jan. 3: 86-84 loss at Boys & Girls
Jan. 5: 78-64 win at Grady
Jan. 10: 56-55 win vs. Robeson
Jan 12: 64-60 win vs. South Shore
Jan. 17: 82-77 win at Lincoln
Jan. 19: 73-51 win at Transit Tech

Cardozo (13-4)
Dec. 1: 72-49 win vs. Beach Channel/Channel View
Dec. 6: 94-38 win at Thomas Edison
Dec. 8: 76-41 win at Flushing
Dec. 13: 69-65 loss at Campus Magnet
Dec. 15: 62-59 win vs. Bayside
Dec. 20: 68-58 win at Forest Hills
Dec. 22: 94-55 win vs. Martin Van Buren
Jan. 1: 80-72 loss vs. Constitution (Pa.)
Jan. 3: 72-46 win vs. Grady
Jan. 5: 66-61 win at Martin Van Buren
Jan. 7: 66-52 win vs. George Westinghouse
Jan. 10: 66-48 win at Beach Channel/Channel View
Jan. 12: 89-47 win at Thomas Edison
Jan. 14: 80-76 loss vs. New London (Conn.)
Jan. 16: 58-49 loss vs. Mt. Vernon
Jan. 17: 88-50 win vs. Flushing
Jan. 19: 78-56 win vs. Campus Magnet

St. Anthony (13-0)
Dec. 16: 80-16 win vs. Emily Fisher Charter
Dec. 18: 53-33 win vs. Trenton Catholic
Dec. 20: 78-21 win vs. Newark Central
Dec. 22: 91-38 win vs. Morris Knolls
Dec. 28: 68-25 win vs. New Mission (Mass.)
Dec. 29: 57-35 win vs. Roman Catholic (Pa.)
Jan. 1: 51-50 win vs. St. Benedict's Prep
Jan. 4: 68-26 win vs. Mainland
Jan. 7: 77-28 win vs. Roselle Catholic
Jan. 8: 62-32 win at East Brunswick
Jan. 14: 61-21 win vs. St. Peter's Prep
Jan. 16: 60-48 win vs. Miller Grove (Ga.)
Jan. 24: 68-28 win vs. East Orange Campus

St. Anthony's Anderson to UCLA

September, 19, 2011
Kyle Anderson is headed west.

The St. Anthony (N.J.) senior forward committed to UCLA Monday night on his twitter account, choosing the Bruins over Seton Hall, St. John's, Florida and Georgetown. Anderson is the No. 5 recruit in his class, according to ESPNU.

"Had a great family meeting. I've decided to be a UCLA BRUIN!!" Anderson tweeted at around 10:30 p.m. Monday night.

Anderson tweeted that he had an in-house visit with the Seton Hall coach staff on Monday night, but eventually decided to head to play for Ben Howland and the Bruins. The local Pirates had been making a hard push for Anderson to headline their recruiting class in 2012.

"The last thing I want outta all this is to still go to shu games and have shu still on my side!!" Anderson tweeted.

Anderson, a native of Fairview, N.J., led St. Anthony's to the unofficial high school national title this past season. He is UCLA's top recruit for the 2012 class, although the school is trying to get top recruit Shabazz Muhammad from Bishop Gorman (Nev.).

Anderson helps St. Anthony win title by holding down Gilchrist

March, 9, 2011
PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Kyle Anderson walked off the court with tears in his eyes and his finger raised in the air. After an emotional year, the St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J) junior finally had the signature win he always dreamed about.

That it came in a dominating performance against the No. 3 player in the nation, Michael Gilchrist, only made it sweeter.

Anderson was the key to POWERADE FAB 50 No. 2 St. Anthony’s 62-45 comeback win over No. 1 St. Patrick (Elizabeth, N.J.) in the de facto national championship game.

He outplayed Gilchrist on both ends of the floor and set the tone early in the fourth quarter with a decisive three-play stretch that gave St. Anthony a lead it would never relinquish.

After what Anderson has been through in the last year, this win was a long time coming.

"It was really emotional for me," Anderson said of winning the NJSIAA North, Non-Public B State title. "After what happened last year, I feel like I won for two teams: St. Anthony and Paterson Catholic."

The second team Anderson mentioned, Paterson Catholic (Paterson, N.J.), doesn’t exist anymore. It was closed for financial reasons last year, leaving the then-sophomore Anderson without a school to call home.

He battled with his decision on where to play next before eventually deciding on St. Anthony, the same team that ended Paterson Catholic's perfect season last year in the championship game.

Given another shot to claim the title that eluded him at Paterson Catholic, Anderson took out his year-long frustration on Gilchrist.

"Last year, being on the other end and walking off and losing was tough," Anderson said. "It means a lot to come back and win. We did it for all the guys who were on the team last year and lost."

Anderson, the No. 25 rated junior in the ESPNU Super 60, did it for his new team too.

He knew he had to play well against Gilchrist, a Kentucky signee who is the No. 3 ranked player in the ESPNU 100, for the Friars to win. And he wound up putting on the best performance when it mattered most.

Anderson scored 11 points, grabbed eight boards and added five assists. But it was his monster block on a Gilchrist layup attempt early in the fourth that sent the crowd into a frenzy and capped a three-play sequence that turned the Friars one-point deficit into a five-point lead.

Anderson had a hand in all three plays -- assisting on a backdoor layup to put St. Anthony ahead 41-40, making a close jumped to put it up by three and blocking Gilchrist’s pointblank layup attempt that led to a breakaway for the Friars -- and everyone pointed to that stretch as the deciding sequence.

"That was monumental," St. Anthony coach Bob Hurley said of Anderson's plays to start the fourth quarter. "We did a great job of taking a great player and stopping him from dominating the game."

Anderson did the most damage to Gilchrist, adding two steals against the McDonald’s All American and blocking another one of his shots. Even though he credited the team defense for holding Gilchrist scoreless in the second half, it was his play early in the fourth that made the difference in helping St. Anthony win.

“To play well against Mike Gilchrist is really big,” Anderson said. “I didn’t want it to get into an individual match. I just knew what I had to do to help our team win.”

What he did was outplay Gilchrist and win, a double-dose of delight for player who was waiting a year for it.

St. Anthony's Bob Hurley Sr. hits 1,000-win mark

February, 2, 2011
WHAT IT MEANS: St. Anthony high school boys basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr. is already in the Hall of Fame. But that doesn't mean the 63-year-old has to stop making history. Hurley became the 10th high school boys basketball coach to ever reach the 1,000-win mark Wednesday afternoon after his Friars easily dispatched St. Mary's at home, 76-46 in Jersey City, N.J. St. Anthony (16-0) is ranked second in ESPNU's national poll.

HOW IT HAPPENED: The 39-year coach's latest milestone was never in doubt. The Friars scored the first 16 points of the game and 22 of the first 24, leading the Ramblers by as many as 23 late in the opening half.

DIFFERENCE MAKERS: St. Anthony starting backcourt of Rutgers-bound senior Myles Mack and 6-foot-8-inch junior Kyle Anderson combined for 22 points.

The duo created most of their havoc at the mid-court line, getting steals which resulted in transition opportunities and easy layups and dunks.

REMARKABLE: Before the game, fans were given posters made by Reebok that displayed Hurley's previous coaching accolades: 23 state titles, 10 tournament of champions titles, three USA Today national championships, two-time national coach of the year and one basketball Hall of Fame induction. And now 1,000 victories, as well, for the legend.

WHAT'S NEXT: The Friars will host Hoboken Charter on Thursday afternoon.

Rapid Reaction: No. 1 Boys and Girls downs No. 5 Rice

January, 28, 2011
NEW YORK - Initially, the Boys & Girls high school basketball team was not even supposed to be playing in the SNY Invitational at Long Island University in Brooklyn. It was a late addition that was only added after assistant coach Elmer Anderson talked up the team's star player Senior Mike Taylor to the tournament's organizers.

The No. 1 Kangaroos proved they are much more than just Taylor, though, when they beat the No. 5 Rice Raiders, 69-53, despite just eight points from their star player.

"They can lean on me defensively and stop me all night," Taylor said. "I can take a night off offensively because I have everybody around me like Truck (Leroy Fludd) and Jeff (Jeffland Neverson). I don't have to have a 20 or 30 point game for us to win. I can score five or 10 points and we can still win."

HOW THE GAME WAS WON: Boys and Girls (18-3) came out strong in the first quarter when tit jumped out to a quick 19-9 lead less than halfway through the quarter. Its offense was derailed from that point as it went scoreless for a stretch of 9:42, from 4:15 left in the first quarter until there was just 2:33 left in the second quarter. Rice (10-7) went on a 15-point run during that stretch that left them with a 24-19 lead.

The Kangaroos started taking bad shots, were outrebounded, and just played an overall sloppy quarter.

"We were embarrassed because we didn't score three points," Neverson said. "So I felt a little embarrassed. So in the second half we focused on coming back strong, play defense, rebound. In the second quarter we weren't playing as a team. We were just taking 1-on-1 shots. We weren't listening to our coach. We just had a bad quarter."

Things were visably different to start the second half, though, as Boys & Girls opened up with four quick points and a 12-4 run that gave it a 34-30 lead. The Kangaroos were probably relying too much on Taylor, who scored no first half points on an 0-for-4 shooting performance. In the second quarter, they shifted the offense more toward Fludd and Neverson, who combined for 31 points.

TURNING POINT: The Kangaroos had the Raiders on the ropes all second half, but they couldn't shake them until about midway in the fourth quarter. With a 56-51 lead with about four minutes left in the game, the Raiders started getting into foul trouble and the Kangaroos took advantage by shooting, 10-for-12 from the free throw line.

With 2:28 left, Neverson came up with a steal and a loud slam dunk that sent a message to everyone that this game was over as he pushed the lead to 62-51.

STAR OF THE GAME: It wouldn't be fair to Fludd if Neverson took these honors, so they will go to both players. Neverson lead the game with 17 points and seven rebounds and Fludd added 14 points and 10 rebounds. The two of them that took control of the game and dominated Rice in the second half.

"I always tell Jeff that we don't win unless he plays well," said head coach Ruth Lovelace. "He's a guy that does a little bit of everything. We count on him to play tough defense. I get on him all the time because I think that he can do more. I tell him all the time, 'do more, do more.'"

BIGGEST SURPRISE: At 6-5, Rice's Jermaine Sanders is a dominating player under the boards and usually reaches double digit rebound numbers with ease. Boys & Girls fought hard all game long and held him to just seven rebounds all night. Sanders scored 16 points.

"He's a big dude and he's stronger than me," Neverson said, "so I have to use my athletics to rebound and box him out. It's a good challenge because I'm kind of skinny and he's so big."

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: The St. Anthony Friars (NJ) beat the Mount Vernon Knights (NY) 60-47 in the second game of the night at the Invitiational.

Kyle Anderson led his team in scoring with 16 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, and two blocks. Jerome Frink added 15 points and Lucious Jones had 10 points and 11 rebounds.

UP NEXT: Boys and Girls takes on St. Anthony (NJ) tomorrow in the championship game of the SNY Classic at 4 p.m. Saturday at Long Island University in Brooklyn. Rice will play Mount Vernon in the consolation game at 2 p.m.