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May, 30, 2012

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final starts Wednesday. Katie Strang, Don La Greca, Dan Arritt and Barry Melrose give you an inside look at the upcoming series.

Torts: "I don't think we're there"

February, 23, 2012
With four days remaining until the NHL's trade deadline and speculation mounting about a potential blockbuster deal that would bring star player Rick Nash to New York, Rangers coach John Tortorella tempered expectations about a Stanley Cup run.

Does he think his team is equipped to make that push?

"Honestly, if you're asking me, I still think we have a little growing to do," Tortorella said during an appearance Thursday on ESPN New York 1050's "The Michael Kay Show." "I know people don't like hearing that because everyone wants to win right now, but when we get there and we feel like this is it, this is the piece, then the process is done and you try to compete for it. I don't think we're there."

Granted, Tortorella didn't think his Tampa Bay Lightning squad was ready in 2004, either, yet they went on to hoist the Cup after beating the Calgary Flames in a seven-game series.

Although pressed about whether a certain piece -- i.e. Nash -- could put the Rangers in contention, Tortorella pointed out other areas the team needs to address. Namely defense.

"Everyone talks about offense, offense offense, -- and Nash is a h---
of a player becuase I know that's what you guys are talking about --
but I still think our back end is something that...we have to keep growing there."

Tortorella said he doesn't want to see any move jeopardize the team's future or disrupt the strong chemistry that has been forged just for the sake of trying to win now.

"We're not looking to break up that type of chemistry we have in that room unless something really improves our team and we don't morgtage our future."

Saying goodbye to Doc Emrick

July, 21, 2011
You know a voice is distinctive when as soon as you hear it, you're taken back to another time. To another place.

When I hear the voice of Vin Scully, Dick Enberg, Bob Costas or Al Michaels, I can tell you instantly where I was the very first time I heard it.

Mike Emrick has one of those voices, one that takes me right back to 1989. First round of the playoffs, Game 7 in Calgary, Flames vs. the Canucks. Calgary survives in OT on a Joel Otto goal and goes on to win the Cup. The game was on SportsChannel America, John Davidson the analyst and Emrick on play by play. I was hooked.

Soon after, Doc would become the full-time voice of the Devils, replacing Gary Thorne. And that voice would be part of hockey in New York for the next 20-plus years.

Today, he left. He'll still work on NBC and Versus. We'll still hear his tones for the big playoff games and the Stanely Cup Final. But no longer will a Devils/Panthers game on a Wednesday in November sound like the game of the year.

One of the dreams come true for me in this business was to meet Doc. He might pop up on the Michael Kay Show or a hockey show I might be doing here or there. I would see him at a morning skate or between periods at a game. He was one of the nicest people in the world. A better person than an announcer.

Now that he's leaving the Devils, I would like to say, as a talk show host: thank you. As a hockey announcer: thank you. But mostly as a hockey fan I say, thanks Mike "Doc" Emrick.

One of the best ever!

A life cut short

May, 14, 2011
AM ET illustration
The hockey community is a tight one. A family. Everyone knows everyone. And when one is lost it is felt by everyone, everywhere. On Friday night we lost one of our own, Derek Boogaard at 28.

Derek was 6-foot-7 and 265 pounds, thought by some to be the best fighter in the league. So good, in fact, one of the biggest problems having him on your team was nobody wanted to fight him!

You would think someone like that would be considered scary. But ask anyone who knew Boogaard and they'll tell you quite the opposite. You'll hear words like "kind" and "nice" and "good."

He played just 22 games for the Rangers. My dealings with him were nothing more than a brief chat, a passing nod in the dressing room or on the plane. Every time I would say to myself, "For a scary guy, he's pretty nice."

On days like this you're reminded how fragile life is. That tomorrow is promised to no one. As hard as Derek hit on the ice, nothing matched the blow to the belly we all felt when we heard the news that he died.

I'm just glad that I knew him. And glad that he'll be remembered as the toughest nice guy you could ever meet.
John Tortorella joins "The Michael Kay Show" to discuss last Sunday's must-win game, winning a cup this year and Caps coach Bruce Boudreau's comments about MSG.

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Donnie Pucks: Avery is back

April, 15, 2011
It's amazing how popular Sean Avery is.

When fans found out that he was a scratch for Game 1, they thought it was the worst idea in the world.

Well, tonight he's back in and Rangers fans are thrilled.

I tweeted it as soon as it was official and Rangers nation went nuts.

@Peedjeans: Good move, Torts adding some jam.

@DJSturch85: Intensity upgrade


@thebrymann: Thank God. He could spark the team

and believe me there were more.

It's incredible what he does to this fan base. He might be the popular player on the team.

It's not a surprising move. After Mats Zuccarello took that first period penalty in Game 1, you had the feeling that Avery would be back.

But let's not forget why Sean was out in game 1. He sometimes coughs up the puck and will take the bad penalty.

Avery will either be just what the doctor ordered for this team looking for that energy to get to the net and finish. Or, he will put the Rangers in a tough spot to even this series.

There is one thing that has gotten lost in the conversation about Avery -- love him or hate him. He has been a good solider for this team; first line, fourth line, in or out. He has not complained and has done right for the team.

No matter what happens tonight number 16, will be the man to watch all night long.

And I have a feeling that win or lose, he'll be the talk of Rangers nation all weekend.

Donnie Pucks: Who's next for Devils?

April, 10, 2011
Jacques Lemaire did an amazing job helping the Devils get back on track this year. The 65-year-old showed why he won 617 games in his NHL career and might have ended up in the Hall of Fame as a coach if he weren't already there as a player.

Considering how well the Devils played with Lemaire, it would have been great to see him come back for one more run. But now they move on and have to ask themselves the question:

Do they go young to pick up were they left off with John MacLean? Or find a vet that can continue what Lemaire started?

I've got one of each to review:

New: Kirk Muller -- The former Devils has done a great job as an assisstant in Montreal. He might be what the Devils wanted in MacLean, but better. He's ready and will likley land a team this summer.

Vet: Ken Hitchcock -- He won a Cup with the Stars. He also did solid jobs in Philly and Columbus. He fits the Devils defensive style and has all the required respect for Lou Lamoriello. The knock on Hitch has been that he was too hard on younger players. But I believe the 59-year-old has mellowed a bit and it might not be an issue.

The Devils can't go wrong with either. Both have Cups on their resumes, Hitch as a coach and Muller as a player. The Devils always seem to respond to coaches with established names. Thus the Cups with Lemaire, Larry Robinson and Pat Burns.

One door closes and another opens. Maybe this time the Devils will hire a coach that will stick.

Donnie Pucks: What comes around goes around

April, 9, 2011

Last year the New York Rangers let it slip through their fingers -- a shootout loss to the rival Philadelphia Flyers and a summer to sit and stew.

This year was different.

Not that they didn't sweat it out. As a matter of fact, they took the long road and put their fans through hell.

After a 3-0 loss to the Thrashers on Thursday, it looked like it was all happening again. Then fans almost needed a doctor after falling behind 2-1 after one against the Devils on Saturday afternoon.

But in the end, thanks to a stellar final two periods versus Jersey and a Lightning win in Carolina, the Rangers are in the playoffs as a scary team to play.

Forgotten now are the losses to the Islanders, Senators and Thrashers. Brushed aside are the struggles at home, the ups and downs of the power play, the lack of consistent offense and the games lost to injury.

It may not have come down to the last day if Marian Gaborik and Vinny Prospal hadn't missed a collective 73 games.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This team took every punch all season. It was pushed by its coach every day and is better for it.

Some may say that the Rangers backed in thanks to the Hurricanes' loss to the Lightning. But when you watched this team all year, you saw how hard the Rangers worked. They didn't back in. They kicked the door down.

The Blueshirts went against their recent history. Instead of signing vets and trading prospects for hired guns, they went young. They gave major minutes to Derek Stepan, Michael Sauer, Ryan McDonaugh and Mats Zuccarello. It paid off. In other years, it would have failed.

No matter what happens in the playoffs, what all those kids went through and will go through will prepare them for the future. The future has not looked this bright in a long time.

Also don't forget about the return of Chris Drury on Saturday. How big was that goal to tie the game? He's got a knack for big goals and returns just in time for the playoffs.

We have a few days to break down how the Rangers match up with the Caps. For now, Rangers fans -- enjoy. Last year is now a distant memory.

Michael Kay of 1050 ESPN made good on a lost NFL picks bet with co-host Don La Greca by rocking full Rangers gear at the Rangers vs. Panthers game on Tuesday night.

Donnie Pucks: Dropping like flies

January, 20, 2011
The Rangers crushed the Leafs 7-0 last night. That's where the good news ended.

Before the game, the Rangers announced their leading goal scorer Brandon Dubinsky is out for the next 3 to 4 weeks with a stress fracture in his left leg. Major blow for a team already missing Alex Frolov, Ryan Callahan and Erik Christiansen.

Then in a blow out game, Ruslan Fedotenko injuried his shoulder and is out for 2 to 4 weeks.

How much more can they take?

The Rangers are a hard working team that kills themselves for every inch of ice. That comes at an expense. If this team has a shot at making something happen this year. A dynamic scorer needs to step it up.

Enter Marion Gaborik. He used last night as a chance to show that he will be that man -- 4 goals for his best game of the season.

But one good game followed by 5 scoreless ones will not work. Gaborik needs to be more consistent. He has 15 goals and 10 have come in 4 games. That will not do.

Also others will have to chip in. Sean Avery and Artem Anisimov, now playing on the first line with Gaborik, will have to help.

The good news is that they have Henrik Lundqvist. Last night was his 7th shutout of the season. That ties him with the Bruins' Tim Thomas for the most in the league. That will get them through most nights but not all of them. The likes of Washington, Pittsburgh and Detroit are on the schedule the next few weeks.

This will be an interesting month for the Rangers. How they handle this may set the stage for the rest of the season.

Donnie Pucks: Islanders' 2011 resolutions

January, 3, 2011
Make DiPietro into the main man.

Dwayne Roloson is gone. Rick DiPietro has to now be the goalie to whom the new York Islanders gave a 15-year contract. That requires DiPietro to play most nights and to be solid. This is his chance to take off running and finally be the clear No. 1.

Get Bailey going.

Josh Bailey is back from the minors and scoring. Why he was sent down is beyond me. Bailey needs to continue to grow and be the player they drafted.

Spend some money.

Charles Wang has to decide what to do. When he first took over, Wang spent money and was aggressive. He put cash into the team. Now it seems like he's just waiting for the end to come. Putting a team on the ice at just a tad over the floor of the salary cap is not right.

Yes, he's losing money. But is running it like this going to turn it around? If just standing in place is the only thing left for Wang to do, then he should just sell the team. You can blame Garth Snow. But to me, this is all the owner's fault.

This is just another lost season for the Islanders.

It's just time to watch the kids grow and hope that someone can take this team in the right direction.

Donnie Pucks: Devils' 2011 resolutions

January, 3, 2011
Make some deals.

Jamie Langenbrunner, Patrick Elias and Jason Arnott are players that can be productive on winning teams. No sense keeping them when it appears that this year and next could be rebuilding years for the New Jersey Devils. It is true that these players have no trade clauses in their contracts but it doesn't hurt to ask. It's tough to let great players of the past go. But if you hold on to them, and don't acquire any prospects, then you will never turn things around.

Work with the defense on offense.

Larry Robinson has to work harder to get the D-men to be stronger on offense. It may be easier said then done but, something has to give. The Devils defense has produced just 8 goals this season and 21 assists. That's just 29 points! Come on Larry. Show them how to do it.

Get to work on Parise.

Devils fans can live with a bad year. It's the first really terrible year since '88-89. There is one thing that fans can't stand to think about -- losing Zach Parise. He might be one of the best forwards in team history. To lose him would set this franchise back to the dark ages. Lou Lamoriello needs to make sure a plan is place to get him signed. If not, the Ilya Kovalchuk deal will be even worse.

Figure it out with Marty.

Martin Brodeur was the best goalie in the league. Now he's a shell of himself. If this is what he is, then he can't play every night. Just because he was great doesn't mean he should play every night.

Get Ilya Kovalchuk scoring.

Hey Kovalchuk, there's the net. Score!

Donnie Pucks: Rangers' 2011 resolutions

January, 3, 2011
Score more consistently.

The New York Rangers have scored 119 goals this season. Not bad. But if they want to contend with the Pens and the Flyers they need to rely on their offense more. That means Marion Gaborik has to be a star and stay healthy. If that can happen they should be ok.

Get Marty Biron playing well.

If Biron plays well, then John Tortorella will have no problem getting him some playing time. Down the stretch and in the postseason Henrik Lundqvist will be playing every game. He'll need his rest. The only way to get it is to rely on Biron.

Help Michael Del Zotto find his game.

Del Zotto was a super rookie. His sophomore year has been a struggle. He's been a healthy scratch way too much. They need him to get back to form.

Get healthy.

The Rangers will be in great shape with Ryan Callahan and Erik Christensen back in the lineup. Callahan is the heart and soul. Christensen adds depth and is awesome in the shootout. They need them back.

I believe this a playoff team. With a little help, maybe even more than that.

Donnie Pucks: It was time

December, 23, 2010
After a 9-22-2 start, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello did the only thing that he could. He pulled the plug on John MacLean. It had to be tough. Lou had worked hard to to get MacLean this chance, but it clearly failed.

The Devils might be the worst team in the league. They are tied with the Islanders for the worst in the league with 20 points. N.J. is last in goals scored with 59 and have a minus-44 goal differential.

You can't just sit and watch, what is perhaps, the worst year in Devils history without saying goodbye to the coach. Even if it's just 33 games into his first season.

Jacques Lemaire will likely take over for the rest of the season. This is the cheaper move. Lemaire is still being paid so it is unlikely chairman/managing partner Jeff Vanderbeek is going to pay for three coaches.

Lemaire will get this team playing better and with more purpose. This season is over, but they should at least play more like a team that belongs in this league and not what Devils fans have been forced to watch all year long.

This summer will be huge for N.J.

Will Lamoriello stay as the GM? There are rumblings that he may call it quits.

Adam Oates came to the Devs for a reason, will he be the next coach?

Do they go after Michel Therrien, Ken Hitchcock or Guy Carbonneau? All would be great choices.

I for one would love to see Hitchcock. He has won a cup and he coaches the defensive style that the Devils love to run. He has also handled stars in his career like, Rick Nash, Mike Modano and Jeremy Roenick. He has just the resume to handle the underachieving Ilya Kovalchuk.

The Devils are moving on. It's all about next season now.

Donnie Pucks: Chat Live now

December, 16, 2010
Don la Greca a.k.a. "Donnie Pucks," is chatting live now until 3 p.m. on --