Donnie Pucks: Avery is back

It's amazing how popular Sean Avery is.

When fans found out that he was a scratch for Game 1, they thought it was the worst idea in the world.

Well, tonight he's back in and Rangers fans are thrilled.

I tweeted it as soon as it was official and Rangers nation went nuts.

@Peedjeans: Good move, Torts adding some jam.

@DJSturch85: Intensity upgrade


@thebrymann: Thank God. He could spark the team

and believe me there were more.

It's incredible what he does to this fan base. He might be the popular player on the team.

It's not a surprising move. After Mats Zuccarello took that first period penalty in Game 1, you had the feeling that Avery would be back.

But let's not forget why Sean was out in game 1. He sometimes coughs up the puck and will take the bad penalty.

Avery will either be just what the doctor ordered for this team looking for that energy to get to the net and finish. Or, he will put the Rangers in a tough spot to even this series.

There is one thing that has gotten lost in the conversation about Avery -- love him or hate him. He has been a good solider for this team; first line, fourth line, in or out. He has not complained and has done right for the team.

No matter what happens tonight number 16, will be the man to watch all night long.

And I have a feeling that win or lose, he'll be the talk of Rangers nation all weekend.