Boyle pays for Patriots loss

Massachusetts native Brian Boyle was the subject of his teammates' scorn and derision Monday following his hometown team New England Patriots' 21-17 loss to the New York Giants in Superbowl XLVI Sunday.

Boyle sported a pained look as he grudgingly reached for a Giants commemorative Superbowl hat and put it on for his post-practice interviews. As part of a bet he made with Rangers equipment staffer Billy Southard, Boyle will be forced to don the hat, shirt and a vintage varsity jacket ( a gift given to Southard after his retirement from the New York Police Department) for the next five days following the Patriots' loss.

"I'll wear the shirt and the hat," he said, while receiving a good-natured ribbing from those inside the dressing room. "But I don't have to be happy about it."

Boyle said he was "really riled up," in the last two minutes of the game -- the Patriots' second Superbowl loss to the Giants in five years -- and called it a "great game."

He wasn't as enthused with his teammates relentless harassment the next morning, however.

"They've been really great," he said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. "They don't even have a dog in the fight! They just want to give it to me."