Carson Palmer on the Jets-Ryan Fitzpatrick dispute: Pay the man

Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't commenting on his contract dispute with the New York Jets, but one of his BFFs -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer -- is talking.

Not surprisingly, Palmer said the Jets should pay the man, claiming Fitzpatrick gives them "a legit shot." Presumably, he meant for a championship.

"I don't know the exact numbers [of the offer], but I know Ryan very well," Palmer said at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where he and Fitzpatrick are golfing in a celebrity tournament that will be televised over the weekend on NBC. "He's a good friend of mine, he's an ex-teammate of mine, and I know what he means to a locker room. I know what he means on the field.

"He's been a great player for them," Palmer continued. "I hope they take care of him the way they should because he means so much to that team. That team wants him there, and they have a legit shot with him at quarterback."

The clock is ticking. The Jets report to training camp next Wednesday, and the two sides don't appear close to a deal. Fitzpatrick has said he'd like to return, but he has been sitting on their three-year, $24 million offer for several months. At this point, the impasse likely will extend into training camp.