Marshall: Revis gets Jordan Rule

Miami wide receiver Brandon Marshall believes when he goes up against Darrelle Revis again, he isn’t going to get any help in the form of a yellow flag. That’s because, Marshall said, Revis is one of those rare players who gets superstar treatment in the NFL.

That was confirmed for Marshall when Revis ran back an interception for 100 yards when these two teams last met during Week 6.

“My technique could have been better but at the same time I think they gave him the Jordan Rule,” Marshall said. “You get a little close to Michael Jordan they’re going to call the foul. And it works that way in football.”

Revis has been whistled for three penalties this season; an illegal contact for 5 yards, holding for 5 yards and another holding call that was declined. Not a single pass interference.

“I am one of the faces of football but it’s not as big as Darrelle,” Marshall said. “When they have to pick they pick Darrelle.”

The Jets head to Miami for a 1 p.m. game, a rematch that will likely be more difficult for the Jets to win given two straight losses to the Eagles and Giants. The Jets have to win and have three other games break their way in order to reach the playoffs.

Marshall said Miami was looking to play, but wasn’t necessarily motivated by the idea of playing the spoiler. Personally, he needs no extra motivation when prepping for a matchup with Revis.

“I have noticed that teams are throwing his way a little more,” Marshall said. “Darrelle is one of the best corners in the league right now but he’s still human. I look at my matchup with Darrelle and it reminds me of a boxing match. It’s 12 rounds. It’s a fight. We’re both physical players, we’re both tough smart players and it’s fun. I love competing versus the best and look forward to the challenge again this week.”

He said the competition doesn’t extend off the field.

“We’re cool off the field,” Marshall said. “We’re both from Pittsburgh so there’s a connection there. But on the field, we keep it clean, but we go at each other. We compete. We don’t cheap shot, there’s no real trash talking, but we go at each other and there’s no backing down. If he gets a chance to clean me he will and I will do the same.”

Marshall was asked about the Jets' safeties taking over after Jim Leonhard was hurt. He praised all by name and then came to No. 33. He couldn’t remember the name, so a reporter told him it was Eric Smith. Then the reporter asked what he thought of the oft-criticized Smith.

“Eric Smith?” Marshall said. “He's got to get [Victor] Cruz on that play, man. He’s got to make that play.”

Marshall was referring to the Giants wide receiver's 99-yard touchdown. But Marshall didn’t claim he could make the same play. Instead, Marshall said he wasn’t the speedster Cruz clearly is.

“He’d probably catch me in that same situation,” Marshall said. “I probably have to stop or stiff-arm him or something.”

Before Miami and the Jets met the last time, Marshall suggested he’d be so worked up for the game he’d probably get kicked out. He can be a little cheeky at times, but Marshall said he wasn’t going to make the same claim again.

"I was thinking about getting kicked out again but I’m looking forward to next season,” Marshall said. “I don’t want to start the home opener suspended. I’m going to play clean this week and try to be ready for next year.”