Bart could be fined for flipping bird

UPDATE: Rex Ryan publicly scolded Bart Scott for the obscene gesture, strongly suggesting that Scott will be disciplined.

"It’ll certainly be addressed," Ryan said Tuesday on "The Michael Kay Show" on 1050 ESPN Radio. "That’s not acceptable in dealing with the media. That’s certainly not acceptable. I don’t know exactly how, but that situation will definitely be addressed."

Bart Scott could be fined for directing an obscene gesture at a news photographer Monday inside the New York Jets' locker room. The NFL is looking into the incident, a league spokesman indicated Tuesday morning.

It happened the day after the Jets' season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins. Players were cleaning out their lockers, and Scott was walking out of the locker room with a garbage bag. When a photographer got too close, Scott snapped, "Get that f ----- thing out of my face." At that point, he flashed the middle finger at the photographer.

Scott didn't stick around to speak with reporters, saying only that he's owed $4 million in guarantees for the 2012 season. That came in response to a question on whether he thought he'd be back with the team.

If Scott is fined, it would mark the second time this season a member of the organization had to pay for an obscenity. In November, coach Rex Ryan was fined $75,000 by the league for cursing a fan at halftime of an eventual loss to the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium.