Revis: Let's stop destroying ourselves

Darrelle Revis, in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, said the Jets' locker-room issues will be resolved once the team gets back to work for off-season training. Revis, who refused to speak with reporters the day after the season ended, intimated that the turmoil hurt the team.

"We'll start with OTAs, everybody getting back in the building, happy to see everybody and let's get back to work," Revis told ESPN at an AFC practice, commenting for the first time on the discord. "Let's get to not destroying ourselves, let's try to destroy the other teams by game planning and doing what we need to do."

Nick Mangold, speaking to ESPN at the same AFC practice, gave embattled QB Mark Sanchez a vote of confidence, calling the Peyton Manning speculation "one big, crazy idea."

Asked if the team would be receptive to acquiring Manning, Mangold said: "You can say that about ... What if Tom Brady came out? What if Dan Marino in his prime came out? I think everybody would want them. But Mark's my guy. He's the guy I'm going to battle with."

UPDATE: In an interview with the NFL Network, Revis basically confirmed what Rex Ryan told the media after the season: Ryan didn't have a clue regarding the depth of the locker-room issues.

"After the season, we talked,” Revis said. "Basically, he didn’t know a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes. It was just so much stuff. I’m really not going to get into it because some of the stuff is real deep, but he didn’t know a lot of the things. He wanted people to say things to him. But, obviously, it didn’t come out. It came out on the field."