Nuggets from the "Hard Knocks" debut

Some odds and ends from the first episode of "Hard Knocks":

1. Rex Ryan calling his wife after signing his two-year contract extension, telling her, "The Jets are crazy."

2. Ryan, on the first night of camp, handing LaDainian Tomlinson a packet of negative articles written about him. That's called motivation.

3. A shout-out to ESPN's AFC East blogger Tim Graham, who writes an item on the Jets that includes a photo of Ryan chest-bumping one of the assistants. A copy of the blog and the picture is used on a big screen in a staff meeting, with coaches laughing at some of the readers' comments. One comment: Ryan is jumping for joy because he scored some Krispy Kreme donuts. Another: Vernon Gholston gets a sack. The coaches got some laughs over that one.

4. Ryan watching free-agent OT Aaron Kia in practice, telling GM Mike Tannenbaum, "76 is awful. Oh, my God, is he bad." Later on, Kia is released -- and he doesn't take it well.

5. Tannenbaum informing rookie LB Kevin Basped that he's being waived, in large part, because he has "bad knees." It's sad to see, knowing Basped as I do. I wrote a profile of Basped in the spring, chronicling his hard life and wonderful outlook. He's a great kid, and hopefully this is just a minor speed bump.

6. Ryan openly teasing assistant Jeff Weeks in front of the team for using tanning spray during practices.

7. Ryan, Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson eating lunch at "Cafe Ryan," an outdoor patio off Ryan's office.

8. Tannenbaum watching Darrelle Revis' TV commercial in his office, the sporting-goods endorsement that features "Revis Island." Tannenbaum gets a kick out of it.

9. Tannenbaum getting off the phone with Revis' agent, Neil Schwartz, and telling Johnson, "That's the most non-negative conversation I've ever had with him."

10. Former coach Marty Schottenheimer, in camp to visit son Brian, telling Ryan that as a Pitt alum he wants to see Revis (a Pitt alum) in camp. Schottenheimer tells Ryan, "Tell him to get busy and let's get this thing done."