Namath on Peyton: Jets aren't worthy

Joe Namath doesn't think his old team has a realistic chance of signing Peyton Manning. Is it the money? The climate? The offensive scheme? No, Namath suggested the Jets are too dysfunctional to attract a player like Manning -- another biting opinion from the iconic player who isn't shy about dogging his beloved team.

"The Jets have to get things together on their own turf before someone with his background would be interested in coming,” Namath told Bloomberg News in a telephone interview from his Florida home.

It's funny. Former Dolphins great Dan Marino, whose former team is considered one of the frontrunners to land Manning, has been praising Manning to reporters in South Florida, fueling speculation that he's trying to recruit him. Marino even tweeted the free-agent QB, congratulating him on his wonderful run in Indianapolis.

What do the Jets get from Namath? A "Beware" sign.