Jets GM: Tim could be spark if O stalls

In theory, the Tim Tebow-led wildcat offense will be a change-of-pace attack to keep defenses on their heels. But, as GM Mike Tannenbaum suggested Thursday morning, it also could provide a spark if the offense hits a slump. And if the spark works ... well, here we go.

"If our offense is sputtering, and we have, say, three three-and-outs, and we roll this out there and it's successful, who knows?" Tannenbaum said on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike" show. "I think it will just depend on the game and the situation."

Like I said at the time of the trade, this is a quarterback controversy waiting to happen.

Tannenbaum also noted that Tebow "can throw the ball deep. Typically, when you run the wildcat, the line of scrimmage gets a little bit crowded, and when you throw the ball over people's heads, we think we can have explosive plays out of that package as well."

As a matter of fact, Tebow was a better deep thrower last season than Mark Sanchez. Both completed slightly above 25 percent on passes of 20+ yards, according to ESPN Stats & Information, but Tebow had five fewer interceptions than Sanchez on 11 more attempts.

Later, in an interview with WFAN radio, Tannenbaum praised Sanchez and made it clear they expect a big season out of him.

"I would be really surprised if we don't see significant improvement this year, going into year four," he said.