The scene in Florham Park

Greetings from Florham Park, N.J., where the Jets will introduce Tim Tebow at a noon news conference. Let's paint an early picture for the most anticipated media event in franchise history:

• For the record, the Jets aren't calling this a "news conference." They're terming it a player "availability." In fact, the word "availability" appears on signs throughout the press area in the team's facility. Clearly, they want to downplay it as much as possible (right), lest they be accused of over-hyping a backup player.

• As we reported Sunday, the Jets' hierarchy -- owner Woody Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan -- won't be present. They're in Palm Beach, Fla., at the NFL meetings. Essentially, Tebow will introduce himself, which is rather bizarre. Johnson & Co. likely will watch on TV from the meetings; they're expected to be on lunch break at Tebow time. Contrary to wild speculation on the radio, there are no plans for a surprise appearance by the hierarchy, according to PR director Bruce Speight, who also is in Palm Beach.

• The news conference ... er, availability will take place in the field house -- a franchise first. No one, not even Ryan or QB Mark Sanchez, has ever conducted a news conference in the field house, which is the length of a field and has a 100-foot ceiling.

• Tebow will stand behind a podium on a raised platform in one of the end zones. There is a green backdrop, featuring a corporate-sponsorship logo. There are 80 chairs set up for the media. Behind the chairs there is a TV platform. As of 10 a.m., a total of 12 TV-camera tripods populated the platform. When Tebow looks out in the distance he will see huge murals hanging from the ceiling -- images of those in the Jets' Ring of Honor. It includes legendary QB Joe Namath, who has publicly ripped the team for acquiring Tebow.

• There are 11 TV trucks outside the field house, 10 of them with satellite dishes on the roof. Nearby, there are four TV cameras set up for "stand-up" shots.

• The usual media room, where Ryan conducts his daily press briefings during the season, has been cleared out. It has been replaced with three long tables, working space for the media overflow.