Former Tebow 'mate: Tim will push Mark

Broncos WR Eric Decker was a guest Monday on ESPN Radio's "The Herd," and he talked with host Colin Cowherd mostly about his new quarterback -- some guy named Peyton. But Tim Tebow's name also came up. Decker believes his former teammate absolutely will give QB Mark Sanchez a run for the Jets' QB job.

"Should be interesting. He’s gonna push Mark for a starting spot," Decker said. "He wants to be a quarterback. It all depends on what they do as far as building an offense around him. He’s not a conventional quarterback and the way he does things is a little bit different, and I think everybody has to keep that in mind and has to be able to adapt to be successful."

Decker said he was amazed by what Tebow accomplished last season, rescuing the Broncos from oblivion and leading them to the AFC West title and a playoff victory.

"Tim brought the excitement, obviously," Decker said. "He’s an icon, a great guy. A lot of people look at him as a role model. I guess to get that spotlight instantly and see all the media at the games, just talking about I guess now the culture of the team is Tim Tebow, was pretty amazing. Never thought one guy could draw so much attention to a team. … The guy (Tebow) is really respectful and he has that ability."

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