Rewind: A look back at the 202nd pick

The Jets own 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including four compensatory selections. We're reviewing the recent draft history for each slot. A rundown of the Jets' selections:

Round 1 -- 16th overall

Round 2 -- 47th

Round 3 -- 77th

Round 5 -- 154th

Round 6 -- 187th, 202nd (comp), 203rd (comp)

Round 7 -- 232nd, 242nd (comp), 244th (comp)

The 202nd pick: The Last 5 Years

2011: Jacquian Williams, LB, Giants

2010: Jordan Pugh, DB, Panthers

2009: Brandon Myers, TE, Raiders

2008: Mike Hart, RB, Colts

2007: Mike Richardson, DB, Patriots

Analysis: If recent history continues, the Jets will find a useful player with the 202nd pick. Williams, Pugh and Myers are contributing players for their respective teams. In fact, Williams became a key role player last season for the Giants, coming up big on special teams in their win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. Williams was a virtual unknown, but the Giants plucked him out of South Florida, surprising draftniks that didn't even have a profile of him. That's what you call a sleeper. The Jets could use one or two players like that.