Poll: NYers prefer Sanchez over Tebow

The Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow quarterback dynamic has created so much buzz that Quinnipiac University decided to conduct one of its famous polls.

The poll, released Monday, showed both general New York State residents and the state's football fans felt strongly that Sanchez is the best option at quarterback.

• 43 percent of all respondents said Sanchez should start; Tebow tallied only 16 percent, according to various reports.

• 61 percent of "football fans" voted for Sanchez, only 19 percent for Tebow.

Here's something that will make Woody Johnson happy: New Yorkers approved of the Tebow trade, 42 percent to 15 percent.

Maybe Quinnipiac should conduct a poll on whether New Yorkers felt it was worthwhile to have a QB poll in the first place.