Rewind: A look back at the 187th pick

April, 11, 2012
The Jets own 10 picks in the upcoming draft, including four compensatory selections. We're reviewing the recent draft history for each slot. A rundown of the Jets' selections:

Round 1 -- 16th overall
Round 2 -- 47th
Round 3 -- 77th
Round 5 -- 154th
Round 6 -- 187th, 202nd (comp), 203rd (comp)
Round 7 -- 232nd, 242nd (comp), 244th (comp)

The 187th pick: The Last 5 Years

2011: Allen Bradford, RB, Bucs
2010: Shelly Smith, G, Texans
2009: Brandon Underwood, DB, Packers
2008: John Sullivan, C, Vikings
2007: Thomas Clayton, RB, 49ers

Analysis: We know who wins the prize here; it's the Vikings, who drafted Sullivan out of Notre Dame. Sullivan has been a three-year starter, a tremendous value for a sixth-round choice. Underwood and Clayton didn't play in the league last season, Smith didn't play for the Texans and Bradford changed teams, landing with the Seahawks. Overall, slim pickings.

Rich Cimini

ESPN New York Jets reporter



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