Jenkins to Revis: Be a leader

Former Jets NT Kris Jenkins said Darrelle Revis should put his contract issues aside and be a team leader.

Jenkins respects Revis, saying he has "the heart of a defensive lineman in a cornerback's body," but in the aftermath of last season's locker-room mess, he hopes his former teammate can look past the money and galvanize the team.

"They need consistency right now," Jenkins told reporters Wednesday night at ESPN The Magazine's pre-draft party in Manhattan. "He has enough money. This time, I think he needs to get out there and make it more than about just getting the dollars."

Revis, who has two years remaining on his contract, wants a new deal and hinted the other day that he may stage his second training-camp holdout in three years.

"I know Revis is always going to do what's best for him and what's best for his business, his brand, but, in my opinion, at the end of the day, he has to realize he has to be a leader," said Jenkins, a studio analyst for SNY. "He's that guy now. Regardless of what's going on with (Mark) Sanchez, (Tim) Tebow ... when they step out on the field on defense, everybody is looking at him. There's no doubt in my mind the offense is as well."

Revis never has been a vocal leader, but "he can be the Ray Lewis of the Jets' defense if he wants to be," according to Jenkins.

Jenkins addressed a couple of other issues, saying the Jets need to replace RT Wayne Hunter and questioning Sanchez's ability to lead the team.

Jenkins said the team should draft a right tackle -- a "no-brainer," he said. He prefaced his remarks by saying he likes Hunter as a person, but he added: "I think he has the potential, but I think he showed last year it might be too big a platform for him. I think they need to take the time to get somebody in the free-agent market and they still need somebody young to come in and get ready to take over that spot."

On the Sanchez-Tebow quarterback dynamic, Jenkins said Tebow's "arm isn't capable" of leading the team to the Super Bowl.

"It all comes back to Sanchez," Jenkins said. "The million-dollar question of the day is, how does Sanchez handle this situation? With his confidence being an issue, with what he went through last year, with him having rough patches, does he get over this hump or does he fold? Right now, I want to see him get it, but I'm not 100 percent convinced he's ready to take on the team yet. I dont' know if Sanchez has that type of leadership capability."