Tim Tebow all in for 'Jets West'

Both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow laughed off the idea that Tebow wouldn’t get the invite to "Jets West" because of the much-hyped quarterback competition between them. Sanchez invited Tebow, just like he invited all the other quarterbacks and position players, and Tebow accepted.

“I think we just have a great relationship and I think we both want to get better as football players, as quarterbacks and find a way to help this team win football games and that is what it’s about,” Tebow said. “Also, our friendship outside of this locker room, outside of this facility has been great and I think that is important as well.”

Next week the Jets have their mandatory minicamp, and on plenty of teams that means players will scatter until the start of training camp on July 25. For the Jets' offense however, Sanchez will be making plans for the third "Jets West" camp -- a voluntary bonding experience for quarterbacks and position players in his home state.

“It’s a chance for us to just talk about football in a relaxed environment,” Sanchez said. “And in a place where we work out all morning and go grab some food, get around Southern California a little bit, try and see the beach, go to a movie, whatever it is, whatever we decide to do.”

In past years, that has meant a trip to the ESPY Awards. RB Shonn Greene joked that he’d be going just for the fun.

On June 6, even wide receiver Santonio Holmes replied “YES! I will be attending ‘Jets West.’”

“It would have been a three-year thing had I not been dealing with the contract dispute my sixth year in the league,” Holmes said. “But being out, I think is going to give the younger guys a sense of security knowing that we have our veterans we have, our leader here with us who's going to be helping us get on the same page, and I think all of us doing the same thing at the same time is going to be a great chemistry build."

The group that didn’t get the invite this year? The media. In past years, certain outlets have covered the event, but not this one. Somehow, Sanchez didn’t seem all that sorry about it.

“We know you guys want to be out there and we appreciate it,” Sanchez said. “But not this time.”