Chat wrap: Tone time = groan time

We wrapped up another prolific chat session Friday afternoon, with Jets fans weighing in on a number of hot topics. Our weekly hot list:

Santonio Holmes' mini-tantrum at practice. As expected, this was the No. 1 topic of discussion, with many fans expressing serious doubts about whether Holmes will ever change his ways. Mike (Boca Raton) writes, "How much longer can the Jets allow this cancer with Santonio Holmes to continue? Doesn't Rex (Ryan) lose credibility in the locker room by continuing to make excuses for him? At some point doesn't this have to end?"

The Darrelle Revis contract non-negotiations. Once again, this was a popular issue. Pandalero (Phoenix/Long Island) writes, "Lots of double-talk from Revis. He insists he's not unhappy with his deal, yet won't confirm whether or not he'll hold out. Do you think he'll hold out, and if so, do you think the Jets will cave in order to get him on the field? They can't go anywhere without him, I think both sides know that." My prediction: No holdout, no new contract.

Speed. The Jets made a concerted effort in the draft to improve their team speed. Scott (Connecticut) wonders how it looked in OTAs: "I was wondering about your observations on team speed with the Jets. Several games last year -- the Philly game being the one that comes to mind most -- the Jets looked pedestrian on both sides of the ball." Yes, the speed is evident at receiver and the defensive line, but there's still concern at outside linebacker and safety.