Three things we learned on Day 2

1. Rex hasn't totally changed. Rex Ryan has vowed to turn down the Super Bowl chatter -- no guarantees this year -- but he's still ultra-confident when it comes to his coaching ability. He called himself "the best defensive coach in football," strongly hinting he will return to calling plays on defense. Of course, by making statements like that, it fuels the perception that he's more concerned with the defense, not the whole team. Isn't he trying to change that?

2. Fast Tony. I wish I had a buck for every time offensive coordinator Tony Sparano yelled "tempo" during practice. He wants the offense to get in and out of the huddle as quickly as possible. That has a trickle-down effect on the entire roster. How? By speeding things up, they're able to run more plays in practice. More plays mean reps for the second- and third-stringers on both sides of the ball. That helps with the development of young players, and it gives the coaches a better opportunity to evaluate the bottom of the roster. That's important, especially now that two-a-days are history.

3. Hill the Thrill. Rookie WR Stephen Hill was impressive, making a 40-yard reception on the first play of practice. Okay, he caught a break -- it was tipped by CB Darrelle Revis, who had good coverage -- but at least he showed the ability to get deep. The Jets need that element in their offense. Otherwise, Santonio Holmes will be smothered by double coverage, leading to frustration and an unhappy Holmes. That's why Hill is one of the keys to this camp. So far, so good.