Jets haven't got time for the Wayne

The New York Jets' right-tackle situation brings back memories of the wide-receiver situation in 2009. They broke camp with Chansi Stuckey as a starter by default, but after four games of watching Stuckey stuck to defenders, they made a bold move and traded for Braylon Edwards.

GM Mike Tannenbaum needs to pull a Braylon move at right tackle. The season begins in three weeks, and it begins with a daunting challenge -- Mario Williams, the Buffalo Bills' $100 million defensive stud. When Williams sees the cut-ups of Wayne Hunter against Jason Pierre-Paul, he might make like JPP, circa 2009, and reel off a dozen or so back flips.

Tannenbaum was uncharacteristically passive in the offseason, seemingly hoping the problem would fix itself. He took a flyer on Jeff Otah before training camp, and that didn't work out because of a failed physical. Now he has to revert to Trader Mike mode, because there's no way he can go into the season -- or deep into the season -- with Hunter as his right tackle.

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