Final thoughts on Jets 21, Eagles 17

• Rookie RB Joe McKnight, by his own admission, had a "horrible" preseason. He runs softly and he fumbles a lot, not a good combination. Prediction: Unless the Jets suffer injuries in the backfield, it'll be a long time before we see McKnight dressed for a game.

Rex Ryan confirmed that the team is aware of the league rule that allows WR Santonio Holmes to be around the team and the facility during his four-game suspension. The only restrictions: He can't practice and can't attend games. Said Ryan: "I wasn't sure of those (rules). We checked on them, and that's exactly right. I wish he would've told me that earlier."

Previously, Ryan thought Holmes was banned from the facility, as LB Calvin Pace was last year during his suspension. The difference: Players suspended for substance abuse (Holmes) aren't banned, and players suspended for performance-enhancing drugs and steroids (Pace) are. Curiously, Holmes was non-committal when asked if he's planning to stick around the team. "Whatever helps the team," he said.

• Players that helped their chances of winning a roster spot: RB Chauncey Washington (12 carries for 56 yards), DT Matt Kroul (two sacks) and CB Brian Jackson (forced fumble, fumble recovery).

• What about Danny Woodhead, you ask? It's a done deal; he'll be on the 53-man roster. Ryan all but handed him a job after the game. Woodhead ran for 45 yards, caught a pass and made a special-teams tackle. He's really a special player; people should start to take notice.

• Great line from Ryan on the team's fumbling problems: "I told the team at halftime that we're going to have the quarterback follow the running back on every snap. It was just ridiculous."