Halftime: 49ers 10, Jets 0

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Some quick thoughts from MetLife Stadium:

1. The 'Cat strikes back. Well, this was embarrassing. After all the hype surrounding their Wildcat, the Jets got out-Wildcatted by the 49ers. They used QB Colin Kaepernick in the Tim Tebow role and it confused the Jets. Kaepernick ran for 18 yards on his first play, and later scored his first NFL TD on a 7-yard run on which CB Kyle Wilson made a half-hearted attempt to tackle him.

2. Tebow Time. Meanwhile, in the Jets' corner of the Wildcat universe, Tebow was on the field for five plays in the first half. He attempted his first pass of the season and, lo and behold, it was complete to TE Dedrick Epps, but Epps coughed it up on the hit and the 49ers recovered. Figures, right? Say this for Tebow: He made a couple of nice blocks while playing running back.

3. Brutal O: You knew the Jets would have trouble moving the ball on the 49ers' defense, but 83 total yards and four first downs? It was ridiculous. There were breakdowns everywhere. They had great field position late in the half, down to the 49ers' 28-yard line, but QB Mark Sanchez lost a fumble while trying to scramble on a 3rd-and-7. It cost them at least three points, and the 49ers capitalized with a field goal at the gun -- a six-point turnaround.

4. Life without Revis: Playing without injured CB Darrelle Revis, the Jets held up reasonably well in the passing game, but the run defense continued to struggle. The 49ers rushed for 119 yards, with Frank Gore consistently getting to the second level. The Jets played more 4-3 than usual, hoping the bigger package would help. But nothing helped.