Rex: We're a 'desperate' team

The Jets left for St. Louis Saturday, their playoff hopes hanging by a mathematical thread. They can't return home a 3-7 team, and Rex Ryan articulated the gravity of the situation on Friday.

"We need a win desperately," he said. "Not just, 'We need a win like every other team.' No, we need one. We’re desperate for a win. Clearly, if you have goals, as any team would have goals -- to make playoffs and all that stuff -- we have no choice. We have to win. There’s no tomorrow. We need to win."

Ryan's comments came one day after owner Woody Johnson, speaking to reporters for the first time since Week 1, made it clear how bitterly disappointed he is. His most telling line was, "I didn't sign up for 3-6."

Johnson also didn't give a vote of confident to Ryan or GM Mike Tannenbaum. He claimed it's not his policy not to give public evaluations during the season, although there have been instances over the years in which he has done just that. Late in the 2005 season, he said of Herm Edwards, "I love Herm," claiming he expected him back.

A month later, Edwards was gone, shipped to the Chiefs for a draft pick.

Stuff happens, and it happens fast. So, yes, the Jets need a win, especially after a week filled with controversy. Ryan said their last win seems like "forever" ago. Five weeks (counting the bye) is forever in the NFL.