Five plays that shaped the game

1. CK to the House: It was a routine inside run, but Chris Johnson turned it into the longest run in Titans history -- 94 yards -- to make it 7-0. It was the longest run allowed by the Jets since 1998, when the 49ers' Garrison Hearst bolted 96 yards in overtime. There were more defenders than blockers in the box, but Johnson found a crease and needed only 10.8 seconds to reach the end zone, according to ESPN's stopwatch. It was the second time this season that Johnson ran at least 80 yards when the Titans were outnumbered in the box, according to ESPN Stats & Information. NT Sione Po'uha took the blame, saying he played the wrong gap.

2. The Hurt Locker: The Titans did their homework. On a second-and-8 from the Jets' 13, they ran the same play the 49ers used against the Jets in Week 4. QB Jake Locker, making like Colin Kaepernick, was in shotgun. He took the snap and ran a read-option play around left end, with several blockers providing an escort to the end zone. It culminated a seven-play, 64-yard drive, giving the Titans a 14-10 lead late in the third quarter. Locker hurt the Jets with his legs, rushing for 43 yards.

3. Sanchez Interception No. 3: QB Mark Sanchez threw deep for Braylon Edwards and it was intercepted by S Michael Griffin along the Jets' sideline. Sanchez did a couple of things wrong. He stared down Edwards the entire time, allowing Griffin -- in a single-high position -- to get a great jump, providing deep help to CB Jason McCourty. Sanchez also threw it too late, making it easy pickings for Griffin.

4. Sanchez Interception No. 4: This was the most egregious mistake of them all. The Jets had a chance to win, with a first down at the Titans' 23, less than two minutes to play. Sanchez threw off his back foot into triple coverage, looking for Jeff Cumberland. It was intercepted by Griffin. There was no reason to make that throw because it was first down. He would've had three more cracks at the end zone. Inexcusable.

5. The Hut Fumble: You remember the Butt Fumble, of course. This wasn't as theatric, but it still was a mind-boggling mistake. Thanks to the Titans' own ineptitude, the Jets got the ball at the Titans' 25 with 47 seconds left -- another chance to win. On first down, Nick Mangold's shotgun snap was below Sanchez's knees. He failed to catch it cleanly. With the ball rolling on the turf, Bilal Powell -- in pass protection, his back to the ball -- inadvertently kicked it. LB Zach Brown pounced on it, and that was that. Fittingly, the Jets' playoff chances died with a wacky fumble.