Norv, Rex share laugh over jabs

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There's no lingering bad blood between Rex Ryan and Norv Turner after the two coaches took jabs at each other's lack of Super Bowl titles last year.

"I think Rex and I had a little tongue-in-cheek thing going there. We've seen each other since and laughed about it," Turner said on a conference call Wednesday. "I think Rex knows the respect I have for him. I know the way his teams play. They're extremely physical. They're extremely competitive and extremely well-coached. I know defensively this is going to be a real challenge for our guys."

As the two teams prepared to play in October last year, a game the Jets eventually won 27-21, Ryan said he would have had some Super Bowl titles had he been chosen as their coach. Ryan interviewed with the Chargers in 2007 but they selected Turner instead, who had initial success but is reportedly on his way out of town as the Chargers will miss the playoffs for the third straight year.

"Well, I think I would have had a couple of rings," Ryan said last year. "I'm telling you, those teams were loaded. There's no question about it. But things happen for a reason. Obviously, Norv Turner has done a great job there, and A.J. (Smith) and everybody. That's a great franchise, and he's probably the best guy for the job at that time."

Turner fired back at Ryan, who has proclaimed that his team would win the Super Bowl only to fall short each season. This year, Rex made no such statements but his team will miss the playoffs for the second straight year and is in the middle of a quarterback controversy. In 2009, Ryan's Jets knocked Turner's Chargers out of the playoffs.

"I hadn't seen his quote and I was a little bit surprised by the call, and after I saw the quote I didn't have the chance to ask him this, but I was wondering if he had those rings with the ones he's guaranteed the last couple of years," Turner said last season.

With Turner reportedly set to be fired at the end of the year, his name could come up if the Jets decide to part ways with offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, whose offense has been less than stellar in his first year with the team. If things go as expected in San Diego, Turner said he would like to continue coaching after this year.

"I think people that know me know that I'm a coach," Turner said. "I like coaching. I want to coach. I think you get to a point where there are things that are important to you. If I continue to coach I want to be in a good situation, a place where you have an opportunity to win and be in a situation that there are coaches I've worked with and been around."