New DC Thurman avoids Revis issue

Imagine being Dennis Thurman. You spend two decades coaching, waiting for a shot to become a coordinator. The shot comes this offseason, and now there's a chance your best player -- Darrelle Revis -- gets traded away.

If Thurman is on the verge of panic, he did a good job of masking his emotions Monday in a media conference call.

"We coach the guys we have," said the Jets' former secondary coach, who was promoted to defensive coordinator after the season. "I was always taught about not getting overly emotional about losing a guy. In terms of Darrelle getting hurt last year, we had to move on and we had to continue to play. They're not going to cancel the games. Our mindset is, we coach who's here."

Thurman was Revis' position coach from 2009 to 2012, and they're extremely close. But Thurman said he's had no recent communication with Revis. That appears to be an organizational stance, considering new GM John Idzik still hasn't reached out to Revis' agents. Thurman said they haven't talked since Revis was rehabbing his surgically repaired knee at the Jets' facility, which probably was around January.

"I really don't have a comment (on the trade speculation)," Thurman said. "I think our GM, our coach and people above me will make that decision."

On other topics, Thurman said he and Rex Ryan haven't decided who will be the primary play caller. Thurman will remain on the sideline during games; his predecessor, Mike Pettine, worked from the press box. Thurman said it's too early to predict if the defense will use more 4-3 fronts than in the past. He said personnel will dictate the scheme. After cutting Calvin Pace and Bart Scott, the Jets have only one linebacker under contract with starting experience, David Harris.