The kitchen sink off practice

Darrelle Revis said he felt good in practice, technically listed as limited but he said he played in all the reps. As for Monday night’s game against the Vikings however, the Jets cornerback said it’s too soon to tell.

“I been feeling good the last couple days,” Revis said. “Hamstrings can come back as soon as possible, so I just got to keep on strengthening it, my hamstring, and just keep improving it every day.”

He’ll make the call no sooner than Sunday, and you read more on that here.

As far as the injury report, Revis was listed as limited, along with LB Shaun Ellis (knee), OL Wayne Hunter (shin), C Nick Mangold (shoulder), OL Brandon Moore (hamstring) and Jamaal Westerman (ankle). Moore’s injury is the only new one in the bunch.

As for those fully participating, FB John Conner (neck), LB Calvin Pace and LB Jason Taylor (elbow) fall in that category.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he expected everyone to be ready to go, with the exception of Westerman.

The caveat on that is Revis, who will make that call himself.

Hunter said he would play through the pain, literally. Because of the nature of his injury, there isn’t any kind of injection or topical anesthetic to mask the pain, so he laughed and said he’ll have to endure it old school.

“Twenty-first, 22nd century, it’s crazy,” Hunter said, “but that’s part of the game.”

On the reports of Brett Favre’s tendinitis, Ryan said he’d believe it when he sees it. He acknowledged that the team cou;d lose defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to a head coaching spot sometime in the future, because Ryan thinks he’s just that good.

“In my opinion,” Ryan said, “he’s the brightest young defensive coordinator in the league.”

He said the Jets are the strongest they’ve been all year with Pace, Santonio Holmes and possibly Revis back. As for Holmes and his comments that he hasn’t changed a bit despite his four-game suspension, I asked and Ryan said he’s a proud person.

“He’s a stubborn guy,” Ryan said. “A hard-headed guy at times, but he’s a beautiful person. It’s just that sometimes you won’t admit everything, the things that change you. He’s a tough guy and he’s got everything he’s got because of himself. He’s worked his tail of off-the-field. He’s a very prideful person. I’m sure he has learned some things from this.”

Ryan said he saw that RB Danny Woodhead got some quality time with the Patriots and was glad, but wish it wasn’t within the division.

“As much as I like Woodhead, I wish he wouldn’t be so successful in New England,” Ryan said.

Special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff spoke today as well, and after the formal press conference admitted that his star turn on Hard Knocks has made him a more recognized personality. I wouldn’t expect him to move to Hollywood and start dating Lindsay Lohan, however.

Westhoff reached out to fired Miami special teams coordinator John Bonamego. He said even though they weren’t particularly friends, he empathized with him in that position.

“I know the guy worked hard, Westhoff said. “It’s their business. It’s not mine. They have the right to decide their own. I respect that, but I’m disappointed when those things happen. I think it does single out sports today, ‘You’ve got to blame somebody.’”