Dee wants to create Milliner Island

Alabama's Dee Milliner said he won't flinch if he's drafted by the Jets, ostensibly as a replacement for Darrelle Revis. The way he sees it, they need him more than ever.

"They're probably more interested in me now that Revis is gone," the top cornerback in the draft said Wednesday at an NFL function in Manhattan.

There's an outside chance Milliner could slip to the Jets, who own the ninth and 13th picks in Thursday's first round. He met with team officials recently in a visit to Florham Park. Like most cornerbacks, he's ultra confident in his ability, insisting he'd have no problem replacing Revis.

"I'd be fine with it," he said. "I'm not trying to go in there and do what he did. I'll try to do what I can do and try to do more than what he did."

More? That would be tough. Revis made four Pro Bowls and was a three-time All-Pro selection. Asked if he can be as good or better than Revis, Milliner answered quickly.

"Yes, I think so," he told ESPNNewYork.com.

Bold statement. Does he really believe that?

"Yes, I have to have confidence and faith in what I do," he said. "You have to have those. If I go out and try to reach the goal ... He's one of the best. If I try to do that, I can be one of the best, too."

Milliner said he has studied Revis on tape. From what he's heard about Revis, traded Sunday to the Bucs, he's a film junkie, too.

"As a cornerback, you have to study receivers, study the film," Milliner said. "You have to be ahead of the game. That's what I like about him. That's one of things about Revis they say he does a lot of -- also, the way he goes about playing big receivers, being physical at the line of scrimmage. He likes to go against all of the top guys. I'm the same way."

Milliner's stock could take a hit because of reports that have surfaced about his medical history. On Tuesday, ESPN reported that he's had five surgeries -- a right knee scope, sports hernia, right tibia stress fracture and both shoulders. He underwent surgery March 12 to have a labrum repaired. He said the talk of his medical history is being overblown.

"I don't know why it's just coming out now," he said. "If you watch any film, you couldn't tell I've even been injured. So I don't know why there's a problem, people saying my shoulder won't be back. I'm ahead os schedule. I could probably do a workout right now if I felt like it."