New suit, new beginning for Smith

Geno Smith, in new duds, was ready for his curtain call thanks to his mother. Allen Kee / ESPN Images

No, Geno Smith did not bring two suits to New York. So after what might have been the longest night in his life, his mother Tracy Sellers woke up, went out the morning after her own birthday and bought her quarterback son another outfit nice enough to wear to Round 2 at Radio City Music Hall.

“Obviously it’s tough to sit in the green room and deal with all those emotions,” Smith said. “But we were able to clear our minds and kind of regroup and get back here today and just enjoy the moment.”

In baby blue dress shirt, cream sweater, brown tie with blue accents and navy pants, Smith was ready for his curtain call when the Jets called his name in the second round. After a day’s wait and a costume change, Smith waved off commissioner Roger Goodell’s handshake as the Jets fans in the crowd roared approval, and went in for a relieved hug.

<--inline1-->Smith had heard about Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweet of support for Smith on the first night of the draft, and said it was a little bit ironic because he has watched the draft that had been so tense for Rodgers. Smith had a way to explain both experiences.

“It was a test of patience,” Smith said.

Smith will play here in New York, or at least compete against a starter who could be called unpopular, to put it kindly. The Jets didn’t advise him to tone down any comments about the team or the quarterback situation. He also didn’t bite on a question about the Jets “circus.” He said he hopes to come in and compete and hopefully play.

Either way, Smith could finally put both new outfits back in the suitcase, as an official member of an NFL team.

“To be a Jet is a dream come true for me,” Smith said.