Feely speaks out

April, 2, 2010
Tim Graham, who writes the ESPN AFC East blog, was able to grab Jay Feely after he signed the two-year deal with the Cardinals earlier today. His story adds a lot of insight into why the Jets parted ways with a kicker who was so successful last season.

One of the more telling quotes is that Jets coach Rex Ryan expressed to Feely that he wanted him back on the team.

Feely said Jets coach Rex Ryan called him several times since the season ended, most recently over the weekend.

"I know that he wanted me on that team," Feely said. "Whether they believe in Nick Folk that strongly or have a certain dollar amount allotted to that position, I don't know. But the guys that make the decisions financially made the call. I understand that. I accept that. I'll move on."

After taking a quick look at the comments from my earlier story, it's clear that a lot of fans question this kind of cost-cutting.
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