ESPN Mag: Jets worst franchise in NFL

It isn't easy being green.

In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine -- the annual "Franchise" issue -- the Jets are rated as the worst franchise in the NFL and 121st out of 122 teams in the major sports. The ratings are based on several criteria -- fan relations, affordability, bang for the buck, stadium experience, players, ownership, title track and coaching. In case you're wondering, the Sacramento Kings finished 122nd.

There seems to be an anti-New York bias, as the Giants (66), Rangers (76), Yankees (87) and Knicks (102) all rank in the bottom half of the standings. Presumably, the price of tickets in New York was a huge factor in the ratings. But to say the Jets are 121st out of 122 teams is absurd. They don't belong among the elite, but they also don't belong among the dregs.

The NBA's Memphis Grizzlies finished No. 1.