Geno earns rave reviews from ESPN crew

Geno Smith was a hot topic of discussion on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown." The theme that emerged was Smith's poise and maturity. Here's a sampling of comments from the crew:

Ray Lewis: “When you watch Geno Smith play football, the first thing you see is how calm and composed he is. The young kid has a level of humility about himself.”

Mike Ditka: “The game is not too big for him. That’s what I like about him. He’s mature. He handles himself very well. Every young quarterback ought to take example from this guy’s action. He’s a leader of this football team. This team will go as far as their offense.”

Keyshawn Johnson: “These young quarterbacks that have success, they have to have a playcaller to be able to put them in the right situations to have success. When you look at Marty Mornhinweg, he’s doing a great job at doing that. ... On top of that, he’s not looking over his shoulder because Mark Sanchez is sitting at home somewhere trying to figure out what to do with his shoulder. Now you can play more relaxed and just deliver the football, not worry about turnovers and if someone is going to replace you.”

Tom Jackson: “He’s got the calm. He’s got the cool. He’s got the head. He’s got the professional arm. Now, what I’d like to see him do is now start to extend some plays. The game will slow down for him eventually. Right now that clock is not going off in his head, so he’s taking these crushing sacks while he’s holding onto the football.”

Cris Carter: “Very accurate with the football, throws the deep ball very well. Those are the things as a player that I really like. I love the adversity. ... When you can respond to adversity, you’ve got a good chance of being a pro because you’re going to have days like that. I love the way he’s turned that adversity into positive things.”