Green Day: Tone's famous last words

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- "Anything for the team," Santonio Holmes said Wednesday.

The diva wide receiver was responding to a question about whether he'd be willing to take a pay cut from the $9.5 million he's scheduled to make next season. The man already has made close to $24 million over the last three years, so there's nothing magnanimous about his willingness to accept a pay reduction. That $24 million breaks down to $270,000 per reception, which means he's getting paid an awful lot for very little.

Anything for the team?

Did Holmes have the team in mind last week when he called out the Carolina Panthers' secondary, putting undue pressure on his teammates and rookie quarterback Geno Smith?

Did he have the team in mind when, as a captain, he criticized the offensive line and feuded behind the scenes with Mark Sanchez in 2011?

Did he have the team in mind when he sulked in the 2011 finale, almost coming to blows with former teammate Wayne Hunter in the huddle?

Because of Holmes, Rex Ryan retired the tradition of naming permanent captains.

Holmes doesn't have to worry because the Jets won't ask him to take a pay cut. They will hand him his walking papers and probably throw a party.

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