Richardson plans to appeal $15K fine

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- This is a Christmas gift Sheldon Richardson didn't want to receive.

The Jets defensive lineman was fined $15,000 on Tuesday for his hit on Browns quarterback Jason Campbell that resulted in a roughing the passer penalty in Sunday's 24-13 win over the Browns. Richardson said he's appealing the fine.

"It's not even a hit worth a flag," Richardson said.

In the second quarter of Sunday's game, Richardson was flagged for unnecessary roughness as he tackled Campbell on a third-down play. Richardson did not like the call and reacted angrily. Following the game, Richardson took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the call.

"For Christmas I want the league to go back to real football ... where every man is equal no matter the position ... good win today boys," Richardson tweeted.

Tuesday, the NFL docked Richardson, and he once again wasn't happy.

"Just read my fine letter.. 15k because I landed on the QB with my full body lbs...it says I'm suppose to cradle him with my arms. OKAY," Richardson tweeted.

The Jets rookie, who could win Defensive Rookie of the Year, didn't want to talk much about the topic when broached Thursday.

"Man, listen that subject is touchy, I have no say or nothing in it," Richardson said. "It's one man, he's the prosecutor, jury and the executioner. Doesn't really matter what I say.

"I just hope he can take this fine off my head."