Stat check: Slight gains on offense

The New York Jets' reason for retaining Rex Ryan -- one of the key reasons, anyway -- was the perceived improvement of the team from the previous year. They went from 6-10 to 8-8, so you can't argue with that. But the advances didn't show up dramatically in the hardcore statistics.

Focusing on the offense, the Jets jumped to a new level in the running game, which accounted for the slight bump in total offense. I think Chris Ivory's ability to make yards on his own, plus improvement from Bilal Powell, were the primary reasons for the improved rushing attack. You can put Geno Smith's scrambling ability in there, too. They also got better as a third-down offense and cut down on turnovers (yes, believe it or not), but they flatlined in passing offense, red-zone efficiency and, in the most important category, scoring.

Here's a breakdown:

Points scored

Final '13 ranking: 29th (290 points)

Final '12 ranking: 28th (281 points)

Total yards

Final '13 ranking: 25th (5,090 yards)

Final '12 ranking: 30th (4,787 yards)

Rushing yards

Final '13 ranking: 6th (2,158 yards)

Final '12 ranking: 12th (1,896 yards)

Passing yards

Final '13 ranking: 31st (2,932 yards)

Final '12 ranking: 30th (2,891 yards)

Third-down conversions

Final '13 ranking: 13th (39.0 percent)

Final '12 ranking: 20th, tie (36.9 percent)

Red-zone efficiency

Final '13 ranking: 27th, tie (50.0 percent)

Final '12 ranking: 25th (48.9 percent)


Final '13 ranking: 22nd, tie (29 turnovers)

Final '12 ranking: 30th, tie (37 turnovers)