Lowery and Hunter to start

Dwight Lowery and Wayne Hunter have spent the week getting ready for their first starts at a position — Hunter at right tackle and Lowery at safety.

For Hunter, the transition has been easier. In any normal week he has to prepare to fill in at any point on the offensive line, as well as memorize the jumbo tight end packages that the Jets are working on any given week.

Since he’ll be playing for Damien Woody, who had surgery on his knee this week, Hunter has been able to focus on one side of the field and the opposing players who will be right in front of him. Rob Turner is the new jumbo tight end.

“When I’m backing up both Brick and Woody I have to split it 50 -50 and watch both defensive ends,” Hunter said.

Hunter said he felt good about his performance against Miami, when he came in for Woody, until the last 1:15 of a game, when he gave up two sacks.

“If I could just finish strong I’d be fine,” Hunter said.

“He’s been good he’s been really in tune with the plan,” said RG Brandon Moore. “We’ve been having a lot more communication. I think we’re ready to go in the game and he’s prepared.”

As for Lowery, safety Brodney Pool said the cornerback was easy to fit in because he has been playing some safety at least part time since training camp, when Lowery had a ton on picks.

“It hasn’t been difficult for me,” Lowery said. “Obviously there’s differences with what I was doing before. Before it was a very specific game plan for when I’m in. The only thing you have to be really on top of is when things change, when we change from one defense to the next.”