Ryan on Holmes' side of the story

Rex Ryan spoke to Santonio Holmes, and got his side of the story about what happened during a flight to Pittsburgh that was met on the ground by local police officers.

Holmes said that he was sleeping in the back of the plane as the flight attendant woke him and asked him to turn off his iPod. He told Ryan that he did, but didn't take out his earbuds. When the flight attendant returned, she asked him again and he said he had already complied, taking the earbuds out and having a woman sitting next to him confirm that there was no sound coming out.

When he arrived in Pittsburgh, Holmes told Ryan that he cooperated with the officers.

"When Santonio told me I totally believe him," Ryan said. "It's one of those things, I guess, but I believe Santonio and I look forward to him being a Jet and playing here."

That version of events would explain why the incident report filed on Thursday night with the Allegheny County Police Department states that a flight attendant reported Holmes did not turn off his iPod when asked, but that a later e-mail from the same department said Holmes complied with the request.

The conflicting information -- did he turn off the iPod or not -- led to some confusion yesterday as the story broke. Neither document claims that Holmes had been disruptive or was taken off the plane by police, which was initially reported by WPXI in Pittsburgh.

After all this talk of iPods and earbuds, Holmes should see if he can get an endorsement deal with Apple.