John Conner vs. The Terminator

So much for drops, iPods and the Kentucky Derby. Time for an Important Issue.

Anyone who has seen the movie The Terminator knows that John Connor is the leader of the resistance against the machines, and that The Terminator is trying to kill him. So how is it that fullback John Conner's nickname is the machine tracking him down?!

"I just go along with it and accept the nickname," Conner said with a laugh. "I've seen the movie. I know he's anti-Terminator, but I'll go ahead and take the name."

Even if it doesn't make perfect sense, Conner likes the nickname.

"I've had it since I was a kid, so I'm used to it," Conner said.

Today, Rex Ryan said he was impressed with his new fullback.

"You've got to get over the fact that he has no neck," Ryan said. "... He's a fullback. There's no question, he could've played in any era."

Perhaps even, the future?