Our analysis of the roster moves

Obviously, none of the four moves came as a surprise, as we wrote Monday morning that the days of Damien Woody, Kris Jenkins, Jason Taylor and Vernon Gholston were numbered. Here's my take:

Woody: I don't understand the timing; it's not like there was a huge roster bonus due in the coming days. The Jets should've held on to him, monitoring his rehab from Achilles-tendon surgery. Woody will be healthy by the start of the season, and he's still an effective starter. He allowed only four sacks in 13 games, according to Stats, LLC.

The Jets will let second-year OL Vladimir Ducasse battle veteran Wayne Hunter for the starting job at right tackle, assuming they can re-sign Hunter. Just one problem: Ducasse never has played right tackle before. He also hasn't played a full NFL game at any position. You can hide an inexperienced player at guard (see Matt Slauson) and live with the growing pains, but it's hard to hide a guy at right tackle. Clearly, the Jets are placing a tremendous amount of faith in OL coach Bill Callahan.

Jenkins: This is a tough one because we all know the type of player he is when healthy, but he hasn't been healthy since 2008 -- only seven games over the last two seasons. When you have that kind of injury history and the birth certificate says you're 31, there's no way to justify $4.75 million (including a $1 million roster bonus). There's an outside chance Jenkins could re-sign at a later date, for a lot less money, of course.

Taylor: He signed a two-year contract, but everybody knew this was a one-and-done. It was a worthwhile gamble that cost them only $1.75 million. Did Taylor play as well as they had hoped? No, but he wasn't terrible. But now he's 36 and it's time for him to dance into his next career.

Gholston: He had to go. If you preach accountability, as Rex Ryan does, there's no way you can give a non-productive player like Gholston a fourth chance. Three strikes and you're out. It was time for the Jets to admit their mistake and cut bait.