Draft preview: Analyzing the 94th pick

The Jets own a total of six picks in the upcoming draft. Previously, we analyzed the recent history of their choices in the fourth (126 overall), fifth (161), sixth (194) and seventh (208) rounds. We're getting closer to the top. Now up: third round (94).

Because of trades, the Jets haven't had a third-round pick in three of the last four drafts, the exception being RB Shonn Greene in 2009. This is a popular bargaining chip for GM Mike Tannenbaum, but you have to think he'll keep it this year because they don't have a pick in the second round (to the Chargers, Antonio Cromartie trade).

Recent history at 94:

2010: Kevin Thomas, DB, Colts

2009: Ryan Mouton, DB, Titans

2008: Kevin O'Connell, QB, Patriots

2007: Michael Okwo, LB, Bears

2006: Freddie Keiaho, DB, Colts

ANALYSIS: Wow, talk about bad drafting. None of these players has made an impact in the league. Jets fans will recognize O'Connell, currently taking up a spot on the Jets' roster. He busted after only one season with the Patriots, and the Jets picked him up in a trade with the Lions, hoping he could develop into a decent backup. Hasn't happened and now O'Connell is coming off shoulder surgery.

Jets history at 94: A hard-luck number for the Jets. They've made three selections in that slot, none of whom made an impact -- DT Lou Benfatti (1994), DT Mark Gunn (1991) and WR Doug Allen (1985). Benfatti's career was derailed by a neck injury, forcing him to retire. Considering the team's all-time history, and the league's recent history, Tannenbaum might want to get out of the 94 position.