Chat recap: Mark's contract, Namath, etc.

Another weekly Jets chat session is in the books. Here were the top five questions as selected by a blue-ribbon panel -- me. click the link for the responses.

• Are there any underrated, non-starting Jets players who you see as having the potential to become game changers (a la Danny Woodhead)? A lot of those guys only get a real chance to shine in the preseason. (From John, Sleepy Hollow)

• Is there any chance that Mark Sanchez restructures his contract to give the Jets some flexibility to resign Santonio Holmes and/or Braylon Edwards? (Casey, Bayonne, N.J.)

• After watching Muhammad Wilkerson on tape wouldn't you think he reminds you of a younger Shaun Ellis? (Ira, Staten Island)

Rex Ryan thinks Darrelle Revis will be the best in franchise history. I feel Revis is one of the best CB's in the league but do you think he would have his hands full going up against Joe Namath & Don Maynard while in their prime? (Rich, Back in N.J.)

• If the lockout ends by July 15th with a new CBA, where is their mindset with regards to retaining their free agents vs looking outside? (Oz, Conn.)