Chat recap: Examining Holmes v. Edwards

Another weekly Jets chat session is complete and, to quote Howie Rose, you can put it in the books -- or, in this case, the blogs.

Here are the top five questions from Friday's chat, chosen by yours truly:

• This latest incident with Santionio Holmes and his longer-term issues really concern me about the Jets keeping this guy on a long-term deal. Do you think the team has ANY reservations about his character that might lead them to look more at Braylon Edwards as the guy to keep long term? (From Jonny, Los Angeles)

• Would the Jets be looking at Mathias Kiawanuka as an option at DE-OLB if & when free agency becomes available, especially with the loss of Jason Taylor? (Anthony, NYC)

• Is Darrelle Revis' desire to play with Nnamdi Asomugha enough to get him to restructure his deal to make that happen? (Chris, Pa.)

• Putting aside all the stuff that comes out of Rex Ryan's mouth (though hard to do) about the Pats, it seemed to me that Bill Belichick showed respect for Rex at the end of the divisional game in January when he put his arm around him. Sure didn't do it with Eric Mangini. Is it possible that other coaches respect Rex? (SGlaser, Great Neck)

• Is there any truth to Tom Moore coming in as an offensive consultant? If so, how would Brian Schottenheimer feel about that? Sounds like a GREAT thing to me. (Greg, Boston)