Mostly good, a little bad

Some positive and negative performances from Sunday's 32-3 win over the Jaguars:


1. Antonio Cromartie -- When was the last time the Jets had an athlete as dynamic as Cromartie? Yeah, Brad Smith was terrific in a versatility kind of way, but he wasn't on the same level in terms of raw skills. Cromartie accounted for 149 yards with five touches -- two interception returns, two kickoff returns and one rush on an end around.

2. Dustin Keller -- The Jets sent a message to future opponents: If you want to play us in Cover-2, we'll just throw to Keller. He found the seams all day, racking up 101 yards on six catches, including a TD.

3. Calvin Pace -- He didn't have a sack, but he had at least two QB pressures, one tackle-for-loss and five tackles. Pace is showing what he can do when healthy. When he plays like this, the Jets don't have to blitz as often as they usually do.


1. Offensive line -- Facing mostly seven-man fronts, the Jets couldn't get anything going on first down -- 15 rushes for 30 yards. That's damning. Obviously, Nick Mangold's injury was a factor, but RT Wayne Hunter (two penalties, at least one pressure, one QB hit) struggled again and LG Matt Slauson didn't have one of his better games.

2. Shonn Greene -- Obviously, it wasn't all his fault, but they need more than 3.1 yards per carry from their feature back. A power back like Greene should've been more successful against the Jaguars' vanilla fronts. Ironically, his best moments came on runs outside the tackle.

3. Jason Hill -- We're going to break from tradition here and call out an opposing player. I'll quote Darrelle Revis from the post-game: If you're going to talk trash, at least show up to back it up.