Ryan rips into porous defense

How did Rex Ryan address the Jets after their worst defensive performance in his two plus-year tenure?

"Tyical, pissed-off coach speak," veteran guard Brandon Moore said.

Ryan's ire was focused on a defensive unit that allowed 234 rushing yards, 170 of those to Darren McFadden.

"He was upset," reserve defensive back Donald Strickland said. "That’s not the way the Jets play defense. We played terribly, that’s the bottom line."

Added Darrelle Revis: "It wasn’t (pleasant). A lot of corrections for us on defense. We need to improve, stop the mistakes and just move forward. That’s the only thing we can do is just correct the film."

Ryan's main message to his defense on Monday was simple: stop the run.

For a coach who always prides himself on putting a strong run defense on the field, Ryan couldn't have been happy when he woke up Monday morning to find that the Jets ranked last in the AFC and 31st overall in rushing defense.

"It was not up to our standards by any stretch," Ryan said. "And quite honestly there's only one other time I can remember a game like that happening to me."

That was a 1995 Arizona Cardinals game when Rex was an assistant under his dad, Buddy Ryan. The Cardinals gave up 259 yards on the ground that day to Washington, only 25 fewer than the Jets allowed Sunday.

"It doesn't sit too well with me or anybody in this organization," Ryan added. "The good news is we get to play Sunday."

Whether that can be described as 'good news' is debatable.

It doesn't get any easier on Sunday for the Jets defense. They travel to Baltimore to take on Ray Rice and a strong Ravens team and then head to Foxboro to take on the division-rival Patriots.

"Probably two of the toughest teams you can face," Ryan said. "So, we're going to find out about ourselves big-time these next couple of weeks."